• hugh

    The Apocalypse is real people.

  • miles

    This Should be on A Weeknd Album, Not a Wiz album....Sounds great BTW.

  • Fux Wit It

    I fux wit that Ginuwine sample. Eff You Ex.

  • j

    i thought wiz was supposed to be hot enough to break through with his own shit not eat off weeknds talent, guess not

    didnt do numbers so no creative control hahaha

  • Shonuff

    @J Did it ever cross your mind that perhaps Wiz is a fan of The Weeknd's music and that is why he did the joint collabo. I ain't mad. Songs pretty dope.

  • JAY

    The Dream >>>>>>> The Weeknd

  • Pitifully Piss Poor

    What.The.Fuck... was that WACK SHIT?!?! Dope production, sample and verse by The Weeknd but a SERIOUSLY POOR VISUAL?! I mean how is the fucking narrative related to the song?! Muhfuckin WASTE of a DOPE beat and verse by The Weeknd... mos definitely should have kept it to himself for his own catalogue... a DAMN SHAME!...

    Co-sign @miles and @Fux Wit It

  • Cool

    Yall niggas liking this just b/c yall see the weeknd name... i didn't really like this video smh

  • FTW

    I like this song and all but I feel like there's ZERO hype for wiz this time around, album might flop.

  • Swish15

    The Weeknd messed around and gave Wiz a classic. It was only a matter of time til Wiz got "tailored" in a video and he used it at a poor time...

  • thekidcuba

    wiz's verses are god awful. Not that I was expecting anything better anyway.

  • jc

    what's the name of the waitress? she looks familiar...

  • solo

    @Swish15 its a good track, no doubt about that. but a classic? i really think you put that word in the wrong context, go back to your dictionary and see what classic is.

  • wackness

    God, Wiz is horrible these days. I straight spaced out during his verse. That new flow where he spits 4 words a sentence is pathetic, especially when he's just rehashing the same shit over and over again.

  • Swish15

    @solo-- that's a great point no doubt about it, BUT, I meant it was a classic on the weeknd's part. Never did I say it was a classic from wiz's end. The song overall is, meh...I think you put too much thought into the context of my comment.

  • damn

    yall niggas want an explanation for everything nowadays man calm down

    yall ask for too much, stop expecting shit

  • http://gtfoh.com Starks

    I hope what The Weeknd did with Trust issues, he does it with this... I'm not trying to hear Wiz's irrelevant verses.

  • DK

    @JAY Get out of here with that nonsense so tired of people comparing two artist who outside of their similar vocal ranges are not even remotely similar.

  • http://twitter.com/ShizzyHendrix_ ShizzyHendrix

    People hate shit they don't understand yoo, this video was nice to me. The song tells the story, simple minded dickheads. Leave the hate at your reflection..

  • MusicHead

    Definitely some illuminat-o symbolism goin on in the vid ..

  • MC

    I'm not a fan of the song...I'm guessing the zombie chick is remembering all the victims she used...don't quote me, this is still not good imo

  • http://twitter.com/tymcfly Ty mc

    Shit was dope to me...

  • 3much4thesehoes

    dope. omifc will be sick.

  • Amygdala

    @damn: 'Yall ask for too much, stop expecting shit'... aaaaand ladies and gentlemen... that's precisely what's wrong with the world today... *head shake*

  • Lol, nah.

    This shit was dumb to me. Not sure how this video has almost 400 dope's..
    I guess there's a lot of Weeknd dick riders.

    It doesn't help that halfway through the vid, Wiz comes in rapping a bunch of irrelevant bullshit..bragging about his material items. That pretty much throws the whole thing off.

    Concept: Zombie bitch remembering some bitch she tortures or whatever.
    Wiz Khalifa: "You's a fan of a player, I'm the man you's a hater, and I only smoke paper"

    Does anyone else see how this doesn't go together at all? I'm done.

  • krow132

    Everything about the song has The Weeknd's blueprint on it. I fucks with Wiz but I feel like he didn't add anything to this song. The vid was cool, I get the concept they were going for. But The Weeknd should of just kept this one for himself. It would be a great song, as oppose to just a good song

  • cg

    the visual is pretty sick but i dont understand how it relates in any way to what the lyrics are saying