50 Cent – First Date f. Too $hort (Video)

Curtis and Todd drop the visuals to their latest single. Street King Immortal is supposed to drop sometime before Detox or something. Head down bottom for a preview of his next single...

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  • Crazy

    I hated this at first but now i love it. It’s cause it’s a bit different than what else is out there. Better than all that BMF shit that keeps getting recycled and once again 50 switched his flow up and Too $hort came correct, I actually like his verse better than 50's and that hook is catchy as hell after a while you will be singing it.

  • j

    yeah this is starting to grow on me
    still hoping for better tracks on the album

  • hh_addict

    that's crap. I'm a fan of his work but this one is way too bad...
    And I'm sure My Life will sound forced, just like New Day, he's craving for a new hit but he just can't make a new one...

  • G-unot

    This shit is trash. French montana should teach fifty how to make a hook. Its a new era fifty, get in da loop

  • geedup

    Wasn't he supposed to retire after Kanye beat his album sales years back? His music is getting gradually worse.

  • hh_addict

    C'mon, his last tapes, especially The Big 10, were pretty good !

  • 2Deep

    There's always idiots leaving comments like "this is trash", etc..

    No one cares what you fucking like. Go police, somewhere else.

    This is a record to ride to.

  • Coolcat

    jeez, 50 cent singing a chorus,..man...dont again please

  • randy

    @2DEEP how come you only say that you "dont care" when someones says its trash, but not when someone says its dope.lol whats your logic? you dont know this isnt a fan site right? if you dont care about what people like then why even comment? lol

  • kris

    and to think this guy was once at the very top. oh how the mighty have fallen. shits crazy when u really think about it

  • Good shit 50

  • 2Deep


    What's the point in commenting if you're just gonna hate? That's my logic.

  • If his album is on par with this type of quality it will be a success.

  • I cant wait to see floyd and 50 fight, it it really does happen

  • jae

    Is this a joke?

  • Joe

    how u gunna say "50 singing the chorus? jeez..." 50 has so many hits where hes on the chorus wtf