André 3000 Speaks On T.I., “Sorry” & Movember (Video)

blame it on Meka November 14, 2012

In case you missed what Big Boi said about “Sorry,” head here. The term “Movember” is a stupid reason to not shave, people.

  • f12

    i never get negative on here cause i do love the site. thank you. but your movember comment comes off pretty ignorant and offensive.

  • Maga D

    It’s about prostate cancer Meka, but I feel ya.

  • kung-fu

    Movember is a charity for prostate cancer, you ass!

  • Muhahahah

    Meka you dumb fucking coon.. I hope your nuts inflate with gangrene.

  • shiiihihihiiiiit niggaaaaaa

    ^ LMAO

  • Pyro

    thats like saying doing anything for charity is a dumb idea. what a ignorant dumb ass comment to say

  • B-ball Jones

    For someone who always tries so hard to seem intelligent, you’ve just revealed your true self, Meka.

  • Real Talk


    That comment will come back to haunt him one day when someone in his family or himself gets cancer.

  • nito

    you guys are judging him so quick. I am sure he didn’t know what the purpose of movember was. i also didn’t know what movember stood for and thought it was another gimmick like “no fap September,” or does that stand for some purpose also?

  • jza

    lol meka a stupid fuck. u heard of google dog?

  • Artclasshero

    After I watched the video and I say Meka’s comment I came over here to see if anyone said anything about it and all I have to say is:

    NO FAP SEPTEMBER! WHAT?! Good this its November. fap fap fap fap fap

  • gerald lee

    Meka was being sarcastic i’m guessing.. bad attempt but from his humor on hear that’s what i think..

  • roy

    ^being sarcastic about what? that shit dont even make sense… do you even know what sarcasm means?

  • Reezy

    Meka you ignorant c*nt…