MWill - As Above | So Below: An Instrumental Odyssey (Instrumental Album)

The son of the legendary Marley Marl dropped a rape...

Welcome to the ancient lands of the esoteric. Compiled by samples from The Alan Parsons Project, As Above | So Below is an ode to the mystic past of the Ancient Near East and its correlation to our inner most sacred principles among and throughout the history of human craftsmanship. The real knows the deal.

Tracklist, stream and link down bottom.

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  • $$$

    Holy fuck, I seriously thought he actually raped someone until I realized it was a typo. Damn, Meka.

  • (l,k)


  • Steph

    Proofread, my dude. Jeeze.

  • The Raped Crusader

    Dope ass rape

  • NesTa


  • iblameyou


  • Diggie mcfly 2k27

    Dude me and my lil nigga fenna kill these beats for our mixtape ...


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