Young Scooter – Columbia (Video)

blame it on Meka November 14, 2012

directed by Cam Kirk

Apparently this brilliant piece of ignorance is all the rage in the South. The hook is so… simple (let’s use that word) you can’t help but say it when you’re under the influence at a festive situation, which I think is the way Scooter likes it.

  • The Boogie Monster

    Shit is garbage and all lies talking bout going to Columbia with Hector lol

  • 206hustle

    SMH.. Another clown rappin bout somewhere he’s never been, and can’t even spell the country’s name


    SMH, str8 horrible!…and Colombia is spelled with an ‘O’ not a ‘U’, you might as well be talking about outdoor apparel…

  • longlivedolla

    I can see why this is getting play, which is unfortunate! It’s a damn awful song that will probably spawn a whole lotta freestyles!

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    This is why black people get no respect. THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE!

  • j

    he gonna be big whether we like it or not, gucci could be pushing his gardener at this point

  • Socks

    Love it or hate it, this shit rides in Atlanta

  • Mac Dre

    Yo Mek, you forgot to put this under the RAoF label! Haha

  • I swear I don’t understand my southern brethren. This is just horrible. Probably why I come to this site for music, and skip out on shit like this. Who be lettin’ this type of “talent” on?

  • its COLOMBIA dumbass niggas…