• The Boogie Monster

    Shit is garbage and all lies talking bout going to Columbia with Hector lol

  • 206hustle

    SMH.. Another clown rappin bout somewhere he's never been, and can't even spell the country's name


    SMH, str8 horrible!...and Colombia is spelled with an 'O' not a 'U', you might as well be talking about outdoor apparel...

  • longlivedolla

    I can see why this is getting play, which is unfortunate! It's a damn awful song that will probably spawn a whole lotta freestyles!

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    This is why black people get no respect. THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE!

  • j

    he gonna be big whether we like it or not, gucci could be pushing his gardener at this point

  • Socks

    Love it or hate it, this shit rides in Atlanta

  • Mac Dre

    Yo Mek, you forgot to put this under the RAoF label! Haha

  • http://jdot2dap.com Jdot2daP

    I swear I don't understand my southern brethren. This is just horrible. Probably why I come to this site for music, and skip out on shit like this. Who be lettin' this type of "talent" on?

  • http://www.jetsetdex.com jetsetdex

    its COLOMBIA dumbass niggas...