50 Cent - My Life f. Adam Levine & Eminem (Artwork)

blame it on Shake November 15, 2012

 Official cover art to Curtis' Adam Levine and Eminem-assisted single, hitting iTunes November 27th. And honestly I don't even have to hear it to know how it's going to sound already. Anyways, shouts to Rap-Up.

  • this nigga 50 still trying? Give up nigga your music sucks, now he has that whack corny singer Adam on it and that washed up pop star Eminem on it. LOL

    Fuck all these niggas

  • YourMom’[email protected]

    Another song called "My Life" smh, I already have 5 songs in my iPhone called "My Life" damn it!

  • Free Tebow

    This nigga shake be thinkin he Big Meech

  • VJ

    Larry Hoover

  • shitdick

    tupacs slut with the stupid comment lol what a hard r

  • The Boogie Monster

    50 ain't really fall off he still doing the type of music he always has been it's just that type of music isn't what's popular with the youth today. 50 could easily get on a fruity loops beat and then go get who ever is hot and put loads of features on it, But he ain't. Who else from New York that doesn't make south style music is popping right now????????????????????????????????????

  • mpls612

    lookin forward to it


  • borzy

    Yeah, 50 is doing the same old shit he was always doing, it's just that most of those who bought his albums grew up and realized how wack he is, and the youth listen to acompletely different form of wackness

  • bambam

    "Who else from New York that doesn’t make south style music is popping right now????????????????????????????????????"


  • Wu Tang

    50 still has grimmy mixtapes. Even me could be hot in the charts. Put the same 4 rappers on the fucking same beat 7x in a month and you the next rick ross or who ever. yall blame the fake hip hop shit on the wrong rapper 2dopedicksuckaz

  • kennyis22

    50 doesn't make the stuff he used to... He sounds lazy as hell now. His content may be similar but the flow, lyricism, energy and beat selection is all different. That 5 (Murder by Numbers) tape, can you imagine "United Nations" or "NY" on GRODT or Power of the Dollar? How about even New Day? His charisma isn't there and he's really just pandering to what he thinks people want, except he sucks at judging what people want. If GRODT or Power of the Dollar came out today, GRODT would still be a huge commercial hit and Power of the Dollar would be a hip-hop head favorite.

  • who cares

    lmao this is going to be so whack. Adam Levine? Eminem? C'mon 50

  • cosign @ kennyis22

  • PHXpurp

    Game - My Life >>>>> 50 - my life

  • GetHazed

    in a shot for shot match, who would drink who under the table. (drinkin 4 horsemen) Game, 50, Em or Jay.

  • Think for once

    "His content may be similar but the flow, lyricism, energy and beat selection is all different. "
    soooo...his content isnt similar then. some of you dudes start typing and let your fingers go on autopilot.

  • ^

    Obviously he meant lyrical content. You're trying way too hard, and its kinda pathetic.

  • casparian

    tupac's slut is one dumb bitch haha. eminem washed up lol