Action Bronson & Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy November 15, 2012

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Action Bronson joins forces with ALC on Rare Chandeliers. The 14-track project features the likes of ScHoolboy Q, Styles P, Sean Price, Roc Marciano, Meyhem Lauren, Evidence, Ag Da Coroner, and Big Twin. Tracklist and download link after the jump.

01. Big Body Bes Intro
02. Rare Chandeliers
03. The Symbol
04. Sylvester Lundgren f. Meyhem Lauren & Ag Da Coroner
05. Randy The Musical
06. Demolition Men f. ScHoolboy Q
07. Eggs On The Third Floor
08. Modern Day Revelations f. Roc Marciano
09. Dennis Haskins
10. Bitch I Deserve You f. Evidence
11 Gateway To Wizardy f. Styles P
12. Bathtub 8 f. Deep
13. Blood Of The Goat f. Big Twin & Sean Price
14. Mike Vick

DOWNLOAD: Action Bronson & Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers (Mixtape)

  • Mike Tomlin


  • action

    I thought it was 14 tracks tho…WTf

  • action


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  • The Boogie Monster

    12. Bathtub 8 f. Deep is missing ???????

  • Bro

    *becomes giddy school girl* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • dancer

    this fat fuck cant sing

  • aaaaa

    holy shit, just look at that fucking awesome artwork.

  • @thunderchildd

    Grown-man-dope-fucking-music right here.

  • who cares

    Oh shit I didn’t know this was dropping today

  • 2

    solid album

  • nuff

    is it nicki minaj in background lmao
    but damn this musta be an album so i could cop on both cd n itunez

  • Action Bronson killed this mixtape he definitely had a lot of help from The Alchemist.

  • Mike

    Good stuff

  • dgong


  • Jonesy Stark

    Yeah, this album is hella thorough, folk. Wanna give Bronsalino and Alc cash on principle for this joint.

  • skeeter

    i actively hated on bronson since basically day one. i slowly started to give him credit as more artists that i respect were working with him. the guy flows for days and days, and keeps things fresh every time. i’m glad i just started to peep his back-catalog about a month before this release, because this one has sealed the deal. alc never disappoints, and brons is extremely consistent.

  • the elder gawd

    amazing tape

  • doyadigg?

    bronson basically bit his style from roc marciano/ghostface/whoever else..if u watched that video recently of him…hes a boring clown…seriously his personality is dull….idk wether to give dude credit or not..i mean the music dope but thats cred to alc and whoever producing……….this fuck is emulating a style, and even though done well its still somewhat biting in my mind and after seeing that “always high” interview where this dude seem like he just fronting half the time and dull the other half aint really convincing me whole heartedly u feel me 1dopegboyz fam

  • Juicy-G

    This is honestly the only project I genuinely like from Action Bronson. Good Job. One of the best releases this year. Hands down.

  • Vieri

    Alchemist in production Rare Chandeliers used sample from Polish band: Budka Suflera – Pieśń niepokokornych.
    Words: “słuchaj. Nie daj przez palce ciągnąć dniom. Przez”.

  • K

    How is it even possible to bite one style from several people? And if Action Bronson stole his style from “Roc Marciano/Ghostface/whoever else”, wouldn’t that also mean that apparently Roc Marciano stole his style from Action Bronson/Ghostface/whoever else? I mean nevermind that AB and Roc sound nothing alike at all; I’m just trying to follow some very stupid logic.

    Badass tape.

  • SMH

    Shake could NEVER make this sort of artwork/cover. And could you imagine that shit for brains adding his stolen art of that stupid fucking shake from the ATHF(puke worthy dumb fuck style show) and adding it to this cover art. Shake stop using the Shake art to put your own signature on it, how bout coming up with a signature style so we know its you without having to add that dumb shit shake picture. Poor Shake and his unoriginal beginnings.

  • Video to The Symbol is bananas.

  • Rick Ross need to get on Michael Vick joint shit would be bananas…

  • Sunny

    Sean Price + Styles P (let alone Evidence) = Download from me

  • This tape is so fresh….SO FRESH. I think everything Bronson does is gold. Blue Chips was dope, Rare Chandeliers is doper. Well Done with Statik Selektah is probably one of the best underrated albums of 2011. Bronson needs to start being recognized NOW.

  • antinerdrap

    I dont see how the fuck this dude gets a pass from everyone. This is called bitting. Where I’m from that shit is not allowed. I can not listen to this bullshit. Ghostface > Action Bronson

  • Rik

    Def some good listening ish!!

  • GeeZuP

    Best mixtape of the year hands down, I just wish they would’ve put that track Bathtub 8 on the project so I can hear another dope record from these two

  • i bet if he was black none of these hypocritical assholes could say he is bitin. Biggie Smalls was biggest biter of all time but no one cares niggaz mad dickridin him and the motherfucker is considered one of best. u nerds better sit back and listen to ur Carter IV album.

  • like_whoa

    you have to click on the cover!

  • Cubano

    @antinerdrap Shows that you don’t give a FUCK about Ghostface’s music because if u listen to the lyrics, delivery and personality action and ghost are 2 COMPLETELY different rappers nigga. GHost is my second favorite rapper of all time after G rap…and Bronson is one of my favorite rappers right now. YOU CAN LIKE BOTH BECAUSE they are nothing alike…listen to lyrics….if u think hes a ghostface biter then u aint no tony starks fan

  • marty mcfly

    I like Action but lets be real, this tape is just ok. He slaughters this tape with his other projects hands down and ALC did not do his thing on this and I been a fan of his forever but these beats just dont cut it. And yes Action definitely raps like Ghostface from his bars to his delivery to his personality and again, I like Actions music but just keeping it real.

  • marty mcfly

    @stfu, that was the dumbest shit ever saying Biggie was a biter btw.

  • i don’t know what you saying about these Alchemist beats @marty mcfly…. These are standard classic Alchemist beats and for anyone still on that Action is biting type shit need to move along… I can’t blame a guy for having a similar voice with GFK, I mean they’re both from New York, I expect lots of people with their voices…. The only other thing is they’re both whimsical with their rhyming, other than that they mostly rap about different stuff

  • marty mcfly

    Nah, usually ALC is a little more sharper with his sound then these beats and a little more well mixed down. Alchemist has put out beats that are so much better then these its crazy but he did have some dope shit though on some tracks. As for the voice comparisons? It aint just the voice, look at the kinda of titles for his songs. Who does that remind you of ? Ghost. Now look at all the food references in his raps (yes I know he’s a chef). Who been doing that for years now? Ghost. Now look at how he just comes out with super ridiculous lines throughout alot of his verses. Ghost also been doing that since forever. Again, I like Action Bronson’s music but your in denial if you cant see the obvious Ghostface in his music and it goes further then just his voice.

  • Ghost of Christopher Wallace


    Fuck you. Biggie a biter, fuck you smoking?