The-Dream – 1977 (Artwork)

blame it on Meka November 15, 2012

Last year Terius dropped a pretty damn good mixtape which promptly got him C&D’d by his own label. That same label is trying to re-release the free project now as a pay-for-it album (nevermind that you can still grab the free version on his site) with only two new tracks and some new artwork. Good luck with that one…

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  • Windycityblu

    Sound familiar….

  • That’s some stupid ass artwork to go along with a pointless re-release

  • Hotshot

    The Dream is pulling a Weeknd move and trying to re-release the same material. The comparisons will never end.

  • DK

    ^Except they should end because their music really isn’t similar

  • Acid

    The same way his nemesis, The Weeknd released his 3 mixtapes as a commercial release (Trilogy)? How ironic considering The-Dream accused The Weeknd of copying his style… That being said, I’m a huge fan of The-Dream and will definitely be looking forward to this release.

  • HIM

    @Hotshot Actually Def Jam forced him to release this in stores, they were talking about suing him

    @DJ Lanky White Yes the artwork is wack but the album is on point for sure!

  • Nice!

    The Dream >>>>>>>>> The WEAKND

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    This is actually a smart business move. You niggas seem to forget that not everyone spends every waking moment online. There are a lot of people who had no clue 1977 was even released or that The Weeknd exists.

    It’s also a good way for the latter to make some money and introduce them both to a higher audience. Niggas are so stuck in the internet age where music is consumed so quickly and then tossed to the side. Why shouldn’t they continue to work these projects?

  • Kim

    @ChicaGo-Getter Exactly!

    That was a smart move for The Dream And The Weeknd