Add-2 – Waves Freestyle

blame it on Meka November 16, 2012

When Add isn’t sending me the most random of YouTube videos (he introduced me to the infamous Ohio bus driver clip) he’s rapping his ass off, such as this take on Joey Basa$$’ 1999 single.

  • One-2 vs Add-2

    Murdered it again.

  • $$$

    His take on Freddie Joachim’s beat**

  • CuttyBuddy

    I swear Add-2 is criminally slept on, my whole face was mugging the phuck out of my screen just listening. It reminds me of Lupe if he was still hungry, more aggressive and cursed alot more lol. Add may never actually break but im cool with that cause the mass public stole all my favorite emcees at this point. I use to love being able to brag about Kendrick or Cole but now I hear 14yr girls who only heard Swimming Pools or Work Out acting like they’re really fans.

  • III


    Do you feel better when you “correct” people over semantics? It’s Joey Bada$$’s single over Joachim’s production. Who gives a fuck? Stop being a fuck nigga.


    It’s people like you who hold back hip-hop. Don’t want any lyrical MC’s to make it big so you can act cool for knowing people who aren’t big-time. Who cares if people only like Kendrick or Cole for their more mainstream-sounding work? How does that affect you in the slightest? What, you can’t enjoy their music because other people know about them know?

    Fuck hip-hop fans.

  • typos

    know about them now*

  • CuttyBuddy

    Yes III, I am whats wrong with hip hop. Not the fair weather fans. Its us the people who supported the artists when they were making music from their heart and didnt have to worry about the filter of mainstream. I dont have a problem with them making it big but when they fall to the pressures of catering to their new market is usually the beginning of the end.

  • The Brotherhood

    He murder everything. I just checked the Triple Threat rap and he ripped it to shreds too. Chicago needs to start promoting him more instead of that keef shit.

    “Chris Brown told Rick Ross these be acting up” lmao