Game – Jesus Piece (Tracklist)

blame it on Illy November 16, 2012

Jayceon unveils the tracklisting to his upcoming fifth studio album Jesus Piece and has enlisted the likes of Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, and more. Hit the jump for the complete 13-song tracklist, courtesy of DDotOmen.

01. Scared Now f. Meek Mill
02. Ali Bomaye f. 2 Chainz & Rick Ross
03. Jesus Piece f. Kanye West & Common
04. Pray f. J. Cole & JMSN
05. All That (Lady) f. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous, Jeremih
06. Name Me King f. Pusha T
07. See No Evil f. Kendrick Lamar & Tank
08. Can’t Get Right f. K. Roosevelt
09. Heaven’s Arms
10. Hallelujah f. Jamie Foxx
11. Freedom f. Elijah Blake
12. Celebration f. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne
13. Dead People (prod. Dr. Dre) [Bonus Track]

  • asdafs

    So…. can we get a song without a feature or….

    I’m excited for all these tracks…. if The Game wasn’t on them.


    He need to remove that Celebration track, or at least switch it with the Bone Thugs version, if he wants the album to have a chance of being classic. I know I’m already tired of the original.

  • The Bourbon Legend

    So DJ Khaled apparently changed his name to The Game…

  • 2plus5plus3

    seems like he’s biting Kendrick’s cover theme.. makes sense who else will Game copy next? he shoulda put all of TDE on a song or at least put some other West Coast artists on the album, like Crooked I, Fashawn, Pac Div, or Problem

  • realtalk™

    ^Classic? No chance.

    Game could drop a classic if he put his mind to it.. keep dope tracks like Holy Water on the album, drop tracks with shitloads of wack features.. this tracklist looks like a DJ Khaled or DJ Drama album..

  • Mike Diesel

    his budget for this album is gonna be fucking crazy. SMFH

  • DBS

    This looks terrible, I’ll give it a chance but god damn.

  • wackness101

    Yup. I was thinking the same thing. Kendrick drops an album with a real-life photo, now everyone is going to hop on the wagon and do it.

    LOL @ rappers.

  • nikesberlin

    lol ^ at these comments. @wackness101 and @2plus5plus3, you’re fucking stupid. “hey let’s get mad at them for liking something and doing their own version of it.” oh wait you both do it everyday. not only that but that’s how they fucking became rappers you dumbasses. it’s called trends. learn to logic

  • nikesberlin

    also this shit looks stacked. thank god we aren’t going to have wait 18 months filled with delays to hear it.

  • fuckyolife

    i thought he wasnt going to change the album cover…….and where is holy water

  • listen

    If you guys paid any attention to the artists you claim to listen to you would have known it was a feature heavy album. you know why? because he already SAID it was going to be feature heavy. and he gave the reasons for it. and his whole explanation is valid- regardless of whether you or I agree.

    go and listen to his appearance on the breakfast club from a few days ago.

  • jae

    Kendrick didn’t start the real photo album cover thing. You blog people are retards. BJ The Chicago Kid did the same thing on his album. So I guess Kendrick stole the idea from him. Smh.

    • Josh

      Actually, Kendrick Lamar has had his album name and cover since he released Kendrick Lamar EP in late 2009, he has just been working on good kid m.A.A.d. city for that long. Kendrick was also a shining feature on Pineapple Now & Laters, so it’s very likely that Kendrick shared his idea with BJ, whose album released in 2012. Do some research little kid.

  • JohnnySwaggie

    They should rename the album “Game & Friends Present : Jesus Piece”

  • wackness101


  • KING

    That Track 4 looks ill. But dead ass wtf is with all those features. It’s looking like Nelly’s Brass Knuckles.

  • j

    il check this out as a project?? but i cant take it seriously as an album. game done lost his mind. its short by at least 4 or 5 tracks too not including bonus… and bonus is prob the best track lol

  • Kendrick started the whole photos as album covers? You guys are funny. LOOOOOOOOL

  • j

    maybe hes planning on releasing 7+ singles lol idk because these compilation things dont sell well ask drama n khaled.

  • JHP

    Well the way Jayceon had been talking I knew this tracklist was gonna be overloaded with features. I’m still definitely checking for the album though. Game himself can spit, although he’s showing his inability to make a successful project mostly by himself, but with the people he’s got on it, I highly doubt this album will be whack. The Kanye, Cole, & Kendrick joints gotta be classic

  • All those features, and not 1 woman odd.

  • Listen

    All you so-called students of hiphop all say illmatic is a classic but are quick to say Kendrick started the real photo album cover thing. hell, you even compare the two albums (Illmatic & GKMC).. but still say Kendrick started it.
    the evidence is right in you faces that Kendrick didnt start it

    riddle me that one.

  • GeeZuP

    The track list looks like a mixtape with all those damn features Game lost his damn mind

  • midwestbeast

    This may b the second game album ill buy, last one was the documentary (classic)… that tack 3 is gonna go hard tho, mixture of crack music and my way home!!!!!!!!!

  • bladaoh

    holy water was garbage. ill give this album a listen without bias goin in but i gotta admit im not excited to hear it…at all.

  • amazing

    ^agreed with this nigga. Last couple years game has just been dickriding ymcmb and kendrick, his music has no substance anymore.

  • “seems like he’s biting Kendrick’s cover theme”

    this. the photo of a gang affiliated person whose dead, the handwritten title, similar aesthetic; it just reeks of biting, even down to the tracklist length and the JMSN feature. im not saying having the same feature as someone else is biting but i can bet the direction of the record is gonna sound very similar to a kendrick one.

    but then again why is anyone surprised, game has always been the most unoriginal artist to ever make it to the forefront of the rap world until he shot himself in the foot being bipolar and talking about everyone instead of focusing on his craft smh.

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    waitin for GAME and JAMIE FOXX. arround the world was great.
    and KENDRICK and the general TANK? YES

  • Trax$

    I def agree that there are a few too many features on the album, but I will admit at least 8 of those thirteen songs have got me interested. I’m sure this will be solid/above average like 90% of what Game has put out. That Celebration track needs to go though…yuck.

  • Boom

    lol @ kendrick starting the real life album cover trend.. how old are ya’ll?

  • 2fuckboyZ

    Two songs on his own smh this is a fucking joke

  • Jizzle

    WOW…i agree with ALL the comments: ALL THOSE DAMN FEATURES and ONE SONG BY HIMSELF??????????? Again, WOW.

  • biggie

    the focus of games cover is a dead relative, focus of kendricks is himself focus of nas is himself as babys. so no games is actually more original if anything. and the handwriting was prob done by one of his kids where as kendricks looks neat somewhat.

  • Flip

    this looks like a classic

  • Cage

    ^^^ This guy…. Lol @ classic… I guess the definition of classic must have changed over the years

  • bb

    this shit got a feature on every song when do artist realize that a solo doesn’t need a shit ton of features people will by it for you thats why they buying for the artist not the artist and others

  • huh

    I thought Scarface was on the Kendrick track?!

  • Mac Dre

    Man, where’s that King Chip feature that Chip has been tweeting about tho?? He’s gonna be disappointed to see he didn’t make the final cut… Hopefully it’ll be released as one of those promo songs Game’s been dropping.

  • lEVI

    game really about to deliver #nodoubts

  • kyle w

    take out half the features… keep the kendrick cole and common tracks and we straight

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    Really Kendrick started the trend?, so Illmatic, Ready To Die, Tha Carter III, & Tha Carter VI, didn’t exist until Kendrick made GKMC, damn yall need to get off Kendrick dick, even Mike Will Made It used pictures on his mixtape covers.

  • Goddamn, this is a compilation!

    I like that he has JMSN, K. Roosevelt & Elijah Blake on here.
    Good look for all of them.

    2 songs with no features. I’m willing to bet they have features, they’re just uncredited.

    With the people he has on her, though, I’m looking forward to it. Will have to listen to it first. The last hard copy Game album I bought was The Documentary. After that, I just bought single tracks of iTunes that I liked, which was very few.

  • ^^^ *here

  • who cares

    This looks whack as fuck. Only good guests are Common and Kendrick.

  • anthony

    Does The Game have a single original thought in his head. SMH at the “classic” comments. It’s more of a collaboration album than a personal one that tells any sort of story (like Kendrick’s or Frank Ocean’s). Should be entertaining but he’ll never top The Documentary.

  • RED-bWs

    Everyone complaining about too many features are idiots, you know the the label has control over what gets put out. Jimmy Iovine wants all the hottest artists out right now on Game’s album so that Game can sell and NOT LEAVE INTERSCOPE. Use your fucking brains. And how can anyone say this list ain’t dope. Kanye, Common, Dre, K. Dot, J. Cole, Pusha T, Fabolous, and Jamie Foxx? All you fuckers are CRAZY if you think this tracklist doesn’t look hot.

    I wonder what tracks are gonna be on the Deluxe version. I’m guessing Celebration Remix and Holy Water, plus one we haven’t heard yet. He was in the studio with Tyler, the Creator, maybe that track will be on the Deluxe.

  • fuknikka

    Looks like another L.A.X.

    Two or three bangers and a bunch of throwaways

  • Lava

    So now its “the game” as in rap game. Has every well known rapper on the album

  • Rezo

    So basically this is a YMCMB compilation album? Got it.

  • Rezo

    Btw you faggots need to get of Kendrick’s dick! Rappers have been putting real life photos on album covers for 20 years! Stop acting like he is the first to do shit when 50 other dudes did the same shit before him! Educate yourselves.

  • 1 track on my own

    @ RED-bWs If I wanted to hear so many features I’d buy A DJ Khaled album , The Game is suppose to be a rapper but with tracklist he is saying I can’t hold an audience for 60 mins on his own . Lupe hardly any features,Nas not to many features, Kendrick and funny enough those were the 3 albums I brought this yr and arguably the 3 best Hip-Hop albums this yr. So Jamie Foxx is relevant ? since when and Fabolous lol it don’t look hot it’s suppose to be his album but he barely has one song on his own it’s disgusting and i hope it flops badly hope it does worse than Slaughterhouse so these rapper will know you can’t put out garbage and expect it to sell.

  • marty mcfly

    Game already explained a bunch of times why there are so many features. He even said its similar to Chronic 2001 in terms of using features on all the songs. How are ya’ll surprised when he said that this is a concept album all based on all the different artists he spoke to about the topic of religion. The whole album focuses on all the different perspectives of that one subject. You aint gotta like it but he been said what the album was gonna be and how it was gonna be done from the jump. Smh

  • marty mcfly

    @1 track…, No albums sell anymore no matter what you do. I think the last album to go platinum as a whole was WTT. Artists are lucky if they go gold at this point so no matter whats on a hip hop album it wont sell much. Kendrick should have been went platinum by now cause he all know his fanbase has a million people in it and they all know his album is in stores.

  • kkjj

    last time i check this is like his 6th album or 5th wateva….everyones bitchin bout features….last time i check doctors advocate his best work wasnt feature heavy sooo we all know he can do it…the games just makin good music now dnt got nun to prove itll be good wth good tracks…be thankful he isnt terrible

  • RED-bWs

    @1 track. So… you’re saying the album SHOULD flop because of all the features. I’m guessing you thought the same of the Chronic 2001? Dre didn’t have 1 song on there that didn’t have a feature. So by your definition, it deserved to flop. GTFO. What about a lot of Snoops albums? 75% or more of all his albums are full of features. Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy had multiple features on almost every song, that was a pretty decent album.

    If you don’t care for the album, don’t listen to it. You don’t gotta hate. I just shows that you’re an immature little fuck that has nothing else better to do than sit on his computer and hate on hip-hop boards.

  • L

    If you dont like Game, why are you reading up and posting on this thread?

  • Dhamp

    My boy JMSN puttin in work

  • Robenum

    The hate on here is real. Stop saying he copied Kendrick. Look at the documentary booklet. Kendrick just put that theme as an album cover. Y’all kendrick lovers ride his dick so much you can’t see what else is happening.

  • yahkyahkyahkyahk

    ha shit this album is gonna sound so dope
    sure it might not have that real meaningful content but as far as party music and the wave of college kids blasting this shit goes this record is hella solid

    ps – jesus piece is gonna be absolutely crazy

  • 1 track on my own

    @ Red Dre is A producer right ? he don’t claim to be no rapper so bringing up The Chronic is pointless, Kanye fair point but I don’t listen to him since Graduation so haven’t heard his last 3 albums. Never liked Snoop only heard his debut so again don’t listen to him, Hating lol the new age of Hip-Hop where if you don’t like something it’s hating it’s opinion cum sucker dnt cry.

    @ Marty fair point about albums not selling as well but it can’t just be because people got no money CD’s it because of the music industry and all the politic bs around that and rappers being lazy I only got burned once this year with a CD and it was Slaughterhouse unless your Marshall or Jay-Z you aint selling. But I don’t really focus on the numbers like a lot of ppl seem to do since 50 brought up the numbers this year it’s always been about the content, Nas,Lupe, Kendrick did there thing this yr in my opinion I could care less what they sell . It all goes back to this why pay for something I can have with a few clicks of a mouse button, me personally will always buy CD’s of albums I like.

  • Phantom

    Lookin forward to tracks 3, 7 & 13

  • Phantom

    I dont mind the shitload of features. What i do mind is that most of them are WACK, with the exception of kendrick, common & a few others. I think he needs features like busta rhymes, ice cube, dre, etc not 2chainz, rick ross, tyga & those other faggots.

  • marty mcfly

    @1 track…, you could say rappers are lazy but the amount of time, work, effort and money it takes to get in the position of somebody like Kendrick or Lupe or Slaughterhouse is crazy. They record a hundred songs and give them out for free just to get in the position of having a major put their album out commercially and after all that work their own fans dont buy it? but then wonder why sometimes rappers dont give their best creative effort? Yeah you can just download it but you wanna know why there aint that much quality material on a album nowadays and why there isn’t classic albums coming out from super talented MCs anymore? Its because the artform is losing its value. Not every artist is getting ten plus grand a show, especially not for the lyrical artists. As much as people claimed to like Kendrick and Slaughterhouse, when it came down to support the same artists that people claim they love, people didnt really do that. You could say well their rich already, ok but that lane of being a lyrical artist is getting smaller by the year thats why its only about one lyrical artist that gets to be on the Kendrick level. You know why in the 90s when you heard the 2nd album from a artist it sounded incredible? Its because that money that was made from that artist’s sales the first was used to make something just as incredible. Now for SOME its not really worth it for an artist to kill themselves to impress the fans anymore. You think somebody like Lupe is really giving you his best ability? I doubt it and thats because the headache that comes along with trying to promote that kind of music on a major scale is crazy and then people wont even buy it. Its much easier to make an album like Lasers then it is to make F&L2 and in most cases alot smarter for that kind of artist.

  • marty mcfly

    I mean…, THAT lane of being a lyrical artist is getting smaller by the year thats why its only about one lyrical artist that gets to be on the Kendrick level PER YEAR at this point.

  • MacDoober

    im so sick of hearing “the kendrick level”…not just from the fag above, but by all you dickriders. he just came out, and is decent but not worthy of a “level”. hes just got mad hype…like meek mill

  • marty mcfly

    By “the Kendrick level”, I just mean highly visible in the mainstream you dickhead, its not complicated.