Rihanna – Diamonds (rmx) f. Kanye West

blame it on Illy November 16, 2012

‘Ye joins Ri-Ri on the remix to her lead single off Unapologetic, out next Tuesday. UPDATE: Ted Smooth and N.O.R.E. did another remix, which you can check down bottom.

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  • Wu Tang

    that scream from kanye was too fucking gay haaaaa.
    Dont blame the fake rappers, blame the fake fans

    my dick shine bright like a diamond maybe rihanna will suck it ?

  • Good Peoples

    This was a HOT remix!

    I heard Unapologetic, and to be real it’s the DOPEST album all year

  • Complacent

    Fucking troll ^^^^^ and plus the album hasn’t even came out yet so how have you heard it lame

    anyways its alright more luxury rap shit
    expect to hear it on the rado right after gangham style

    • Sanchez

      Stfu. Shits already out on the Internet. Fucking troll? Be original nigga. Pathetic!

  • BobbyWhite

    Actually the album leaked dumbass, and he’s not trolling, it’s better than 75% of the shit that came out this year

  • justsaying

    @Complacent you do realize albums leak before they officially come out right? lol whose the lame now. rihanna album leaked the other day.

  • nerf

    ROFL @ being album of the year =)))))))

  • shut up nigga its dopest album ever

  • Good Peoples

    @Complacent It leak a couple days ago you dumb bitch

    @nerf Like i said, in my opinion its definitely the best album all year but listen to it b4 you judge! everybody has different opinions

  • factormax

    i cant believe yall put ads that play audio on a music blog. i’m never coming to this site again.

  • Complacent

    first of all i don’t listen to leaks because im what you call a reall fan of music and most albums don’t leak until the day before…..if it leaked why isnt it on this site dumbasses

  • Good Peoples

    @Complacent Don’t put leak albums on their website you dumbfuck and i am a real fan, when it comes out i’ll buy it, i just wanted to hear it now!

  • BobbyWhite

    @Complacent… youre digging yourself quite the whole right now lol

  • hahahahah

    @BobbyWhite….*hole…should have listened to your mama and went to school…

  • Young’N’Based

    so all in all I’d say this has been a pretty entertaining post lol

  • JReezy

    Lol @ Good Peoples

    I highly doubt Unapologetic is better than good kid, m.a.a.d city

  • Good Peoples

    LOL! @ JReezy

    I don’t doubt it! But i’m pretty sure everyone will agree with you, this being the website that dick rides the most

  • anonymous

    WTF Kanye. The real Ye is lost to us, no more real shit will ever come out of his mouth. The fact that he can hop on a song with this title after writing “Diamonds from Sierra Leon” shows that the conscious Kanye is dead. All he cares about now is his net worth. Thank you Jay-Z for spoiling another true Hip-Hop gem.

  • j_slayyy

    youuuuuuuuuuuuu mad

  • ChocolateRain

    How the hell Kanye gonna bring back Tay Zonday?! lol

  • Jacqueline Vann

    Tell Kanye West he is I AM of RAP!!!!!!!!! Tell JAY_Z the same. Tell them all you are I AM!!!

  • Tg

    anyone else thinks its real fuckin sweet that its the edited version


    WHEN DID MUSIC BECOME WHOSE GONNA BASH THE COMPOSER THE MOST, YA’LL BITCHES AND NIGGAS ARENT MAKING ANY REAL MONEY…ITS LIKE WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU…but i feel you hating niggas. STICK TO YOUR DAY JOB, Talking about what HOV did to Ye…you can stay broke bitch if you want. Hating ass muhfuckas…i wish RiRi the best, how you know that dude up there didnt hear the album, you live with this nigga? Like…seriously. Maybe he has a better source than yoi, kows where to check. but fuck it, ima sit with my bitch, eat this cheese sip and watch this football on this saturday.

  • you

    Kanye lost his damn mind. Possibly the most ignorant verse he’s recorded.

  • Antyon

    This is why Kanye is the greatest