Lil Reese – Walter Payton (Video)

blame it on Meka November 17, 2012

Directed by Rio

Something tells me this isn’t a celebration of Sweetness’ legendary NFL career. 3Hunna is coming soon.

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  • I don’t know what’s worse. The sound of Lil’ Reese stomping a girl or this wack ass song. I pray to Black Jesus that the Payton estate jump in with a cease and desist order…for the sake of hip-hop.

  • Asada

    this nigga fights girls, whatta fag.
    “Don’t Rest Ya Case As A Gangsta Just Cuz You Wrestled Ya Bitch”-Kendrick Lamar

  • thisguy

    The beat is off beat. The rest is a joke.

  • YourMom’[email protected]

    I might stop coming to 2DBZ just for you posting this shit, smfh…

  • Kid Icarus

    How you gonna stomp hoes out AND make wack music? Shits disgusting.

  • 2fuckboyZ

    Something tells me this isn’t a celebration of Sweetness’ legendary NFL career. But nothing told you to not post this garbage ?

  • Sad times

    Meka, I beg you to stop posting this garbage. When you first created this site, you said you were going to be posting alternatives to Gucci mane etc. In this day and age Gucci is the least of anyone’s worry, instead its wack ass rappers like Reese and keef that embody the wshh culture to the fullest. I’ve really had enough of this hypocrisy and really wish you all the best, cause I won’t be visiting this site in future.

  • greg focker

    this shit pretty dope. you hipsters are hilarious. you spend most of ur time on this hating on niggas as is. most of yall don’t even listen to music before you decide how good or how bad it is. therefore you have no right to tell meka what to post. i think it would actually be great if some of yall follow through with your threats of not coming here anymore. you ruin the site. narror minded stubborn niggas. go to the saturday night sexy and talk about how you would lick the video ho’s ass somemore you moral crusaders.

  • Jerry

    you music snobs are such hypocrites. everyday 2db posts AT LEAST 2 pages of “real hip hop”. And you know what happens? they gets about 3 comments each and about 13 thumb ratings total. then they post some shit like this, or some ignorant shit, and you niggas come out the woodworks to post comments.

    This is exactly what Saigon was saying in his power105 interview yesterday. The hard truth is that you niggas are just haters. you’d rather complain about the niggas that you dont like than support the shit you do like. And when some shit you do like comes along, you end up saying they fell off or sold out. SMDH

    But you know what i dont blame you niggas because your parents were probably haters too. Just like kanye said.

    Just face it, you niggas are haters by nature, and will never be satisfied, and that’s exactly the way you like it

  • mantee

    Meka, you have lost my respect. I don’t know why you would post anything from an artist that beats…wait…STOMPS on a female. This cat shouldn’t get any shine after that, especially on 2dopeboyz

  • CV1288

    This shit really slaps bruh bruh. All them 300 niggas gonna blow they too dope.

  • this shit sucks

  • John Starks

    What Jerry said

  • Tony Starks

    Fuck Jerry and John Starks, I hope you cocksuckers die in a fire.

  • Exhibit C

    whenever someone uses the word “bruh bruh” i immediately lose all respect for them.

  • midwestbeast

    i just don’t understand the concept of this video. all its really showing is reese lip rapping. this shit sucks.

  • The Truth Serum

    I could’ve freestyled a better song.. nigga stop yellin’ on a track.

  • egyle

    fuck lil reese and anybody that luv em. in fact, fuck all them gimmicky coons. ignorance isn’t bliss, ignorance is our destruction.

  • My foot hurts from stompin bitches out with it.

  • lls when i see this video i want drop out get gudd amount of my mens and start rapping……….cuz if chief and resse can do it i guess anybody can do it………

  • Randall Campbell

    This mindset is why Chicago’s body count is so high. As long as this type of lifestyle, music, and behavior is promoted to America’s youth, the cycle will continue.