Saturday Night Sexy: Charm Killings

blame it on Illy November 17, 2012

Twitter: @CharmKillings

Charm Killings is a Cali-born, Portugese, African American and German-mixed model/video vixen who you may have caught a glimpse in music videos for Big Sean and Chris Brown’s “My Last” as well as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s “Kush.” There’s really not much more we can say about this stunning specimen but hit the jump for more Saturday Night Sexy goods of Miss Killings.

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  • zbMrOG

    she baddd

  • T-Luv


  • KING

    Ohhh my goodnesss

  • mineisbigger


  • Mandingo

    That’s what I’m talking bout

  • At Last Shake

    Ooooooooo-weeeeee! Bout time we got a BAD bitch posted on S.N.S…. She cold…

  • Pretty Tony

    DAAAAAYUM! She FINER than a motherfucka?!!! *Smokey voice*

  • good kid

    Girl, I want your body… I want your body, cause you got a big ol’ fat ass. Girl, I want your body, I want your body… cause of that big ol’ fat ass.

  • Beast Mode

    This chick is off the dope scale. I’d pound those cakes.

  • TEA


  • that dude

    I would eat that pussy with a side of grits

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    I have a feeling that if she was a few shades darker you faggots would find any reason to hate on her.

  • GeeZuP

    After a good pounding this bitch would look great coming out my shower

  • Shorty is BAD and I’m surprised to see not much hate in the c-section. Charm is poppin’! I second what you said too @First I park my car… know the rest.

  • Hot damn!

  • 2Pac

    Lmao @goodkid

  • Frank Ocean


  • Damn i could bust infinite nuts to this bitch

  • I wanna see a model without makeup, shit would blow my mind. Looks good, though.

  • who cares

    Holy fuck….

  • egyle

    a women is not a specimen but a human being, you fuckin sorry excuses for men.

  • XI

    ^SHUT IT!
    YOU clicked the link and came HERE!

    Pretending to not be attracted to physical attributes is childish.. GTFOH!!


    I wouldnt pull out

  • julzthe49ersfan

    wife that up in a quick min

  • WeneedBadchicks

    Finally you guys came through..about damn time!

  • Tozay

    this chick got my dick actin up.

  • townbizz

    finally a bad bitch on here. SALUTE THE CAKES

  • mz

    my dick is ON HARD!

  • mane i wanna suck her toes and nut on her feet………Tim and Mark can watch

  • jayjo

    Best SNS so far

  • WHAT!

    Certified Dimepiece!!!!!

  • gasoline

    haha finally a chick that didn’t get any hate! i would have said the first person who hated was a fag, coz i don’t see a flaw on this dime,no sir…


    props to her daddy for not pullin out (claps)

  • CLubPacked

    Ugly short legs…no thanx bru