Shawn Chrystopher – Another Pill

blame it on Meka November 17, 2012

just writing about a girl i know. – Shawn

  • milly

    im gonna say it again Zaire Kailo>>> keep sleepn dopehouse. shawn dont be gettn posts for no reason. the dude is nice

  • indierapper

    damn wanted to use that XXYYXX sample smh fahk

  • hh_addict

    He’s dope. Lovestory was dope too. He’s kind of a Kendrick Lamar, if I may compare ^^

  • too dope beat. anyone think its weird that it ends when it does at 2:41? #lovestory #silentfilmsfortheblind

  • adolfmayne

    i guess i should listen to lovestory cuz it was hard for me to get into

  • Zaire Koalo

    @adolfmayne You should!!
    @milly good looks bro, but spell my name right!! Lol

  • yup. you know this

    i am thinking this isnt the full song since it obviously stops in the middle of shawn rhyming.

  • milly

    @Zaire no doubt bruh. lol my fault tho on the misspell.. was mad tired. “you are now flying” shawn and zaire together on a track is usually a masterpiece.