DJ Kay Slay – Lyrical Gangstas f. Kendrick Lamar & Papoose

Grown Man Hip-Hop drops tonight.

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  • Terrible beat, terrible hook.

    Nice verses though.

  • Cubano

    Sounds like an old ass kendrick verse

  • cunt

    How does DJ Kay Slay constitute 'Grown Man Music' ?

  • realtalk™

    this shit made my ears bleed

  • wat

    This is terrible.

  • only reason i listened it is because of kendrick!

  • jake

    ^ we know, groupie, we know.

  • j

    papoose stay with kay slay forever lol

  • j

    he snapped though

  • Jelie

    He recycled these verses and put them on a... (some degrading adjective I cannot think of) beat. Not a fan. At all.

  • is this a mixtape?

  • yeah he did go off

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    recycled from Sway in the morning freestyle. DJ Kay Slay isnt a man, hes a leech

  • gg

    old ass kendrick verse.......people are thirsty

  • Pops

    recycled Kendrick verse (as if Kay Slay could get a new verse) and Papoose screaming at the top of his lungs, over one of Rockwilder's throwaway beats. NOPE!!!

  • david

    Papoose has nice multi's just never got anythin to talk about, only thing worse than this beat though is the fact the DJ Kay Slay text on the cover is filled with the same knitted pattern that his top has

  • Wade

    fucking hate kay slay. what kind of song is this you fat shit

  • kenzo, wtf.

  • k.t.

    Looks like Kay Slay Papoosed himself.


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