The Game – Black Jesus

blame it on Miss_Peas November 18, 2012

#SundayService will be in 3 parts today…. 8 am service, 11am service, then a final service @ 6 o’clock. The 1st service is “Black Jesus” produced by @therealsap. Hope you enjoy this 3 part service & as we draw closer to Dec 11th the release of “Jesus Piece” will reveal more dope FREE music, videos, content etc…

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  • rya

    these songs from sunday service are all really good why are they not going to be on his album
    unless his album will actually be better?

  • realtalk™

    ^wondering the same thing, why is he keeping all the dope songs off the album..

  • The Boogie Monster

    Not really a Game fan but when that beat came in i was smiling and bopping my head and Dre was dope on the hook and Game was alright i just find his verses corny but the beat and hook make up for that.

  • rqe

    ^ if you really think thats dre on the hook i question your knowledge braj

  • hh_addict

    That’s Dre from Cool & Dre you ignorant ! Damn, that tune is crazy !
    I’m pretty sure, from the tracklist, that the album will be not as good as those Sunday Service tracks but this is good.

  • hit-boy_sc

    Sonically my niggas, and I really mean sonically, this shit is on a whole nother level. Dope as fuck.

  • KING

    I’m not surprised that these Sunday Service tracks are dope. Judging by the tracklist and with all them damn features, the label is pressuring him to make some shitty album. Just a hunch.

  • Curtis Blackson

    Fuck Chief Keef plus Frenchies foolish ass. Nobody looking for that shit infested poppy cock Mac and Cheese Three Bullshit or the damn Keef cesspool that is imminent. This is what the people who know whats up are looking for.

  • adolfmayne

    kinda sounded likd shyne on the intro dope song though

  • milhousevanhouten

    didn’t he drop the “the” from his name some time ago? just askin as all of the artwork lately pops up with it back!

  • yp

    damn.. that was dope as fuck.

  • andy

    Did not expect much clicking on the link but really dope.

  • xunga

    ye impersonation

  • Mike

    3 parts of Sunday Service that’s awesome, #Black Jesus

  • dope

    Good idea Game. Releasing some goods songs are alot better then releasing mediocre mixtapes. Alot less work too.

  • jo

    wtf y’all listen to out there in cali? song sucked. Game killed it but the song sucked… dre sucked and production sucked. even game sounded off. Game needs to redo these verses on another song and then that shit would be ill.

  • RED-bWs


    He had to drop the “the” for his albums because of those legal issues. Since these songs are free and he’s not making money off the name, he can use “The” Game.

  • Frylock

    track is dope but one problem….. He sounds actually like kanye west.

  • Pops

    Whoever that is on the hook is annoying as fuck. Nasal as hell

  • 93

    Glad to see the producer Sap getting shine puttin on for Delaware

  • HesusDuece

    Where’s pt 2 n 3?

  • perfection

    this is so good. Although I wish the album would sound like this, I highly doubt it.

    I never understood why rappers wont just sit down and take their time and make a cohesive project. whats the point in making 5 mixtapes of an album with 19 songs is its all fillers?

    id be HAPPY with a 10 track cohesive piece of work. i dont care if it take 4 years to make an album, id rather wait that get halfass work.

  • will

    why is this a .wav file?

    this is legit tho

  • madddgamer

    @jo what does a whole state have to do with this song? just curious. I’m from Cali and I listen to anybody who makes good music old and new, doesn’t matter where they’re from.

  • exactly??? @will… who uses .wav files….. nice song though

  • Wes

    I cant be the only one who feels like Ye ghost wrote this track… its dope just sayin tho

  • KingxxChris

    @ Jo – Im from cali if you want a more stereotypical cali song listen to Documentary… Song is black jesus from an album called Jesus Piece i dont think Lex or hit boy would fit well on this song… many mixtapes are better than albums ie. Friday night lights, 4eva & a day, beautiful twisted fantasy (as oppose to g.o.o.d fridays)

  • Child

    Game did say in a interview that kanye west was an inspiration for this album so it makes since why he sounds like kanye. kanye may have ghost wrote this or just gave him direction for the album.

  • David Robinson

    Love this shit! So fiyah.