Chief Keef – On It (prod. Mike WiLL Made It)

blame it on Meka November 19, 2012

I guess this was what Keef was doing when he ditched his own music video shoot. This – and several other songs – hit the e-waves today, and you can catch the rest of them (I’m so not putting all those songs here) over at FSD.

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  • J. Cole

    Young boy heatin up like that leftover lasagna!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Metal165

    “I don’t like this person’s music,logical choice is to keep uploading it to my blog”-2DBZ

  • He has fans who visit this site. I am only catering to those people who are interested in him.

  • Mike Tomlin

    This song sucks, just like the rest of them, except Love Sosa.

  • I’m on the Chief Keef hatewagon too, but this song… This song is like really really extra horrible, for realz.

  • erik

    how is it possible for this guy to have fans? so awful, my god

  • haha

    @Shake: A lot of Lupe Fiasco fans are visiting this blog as well…

  • dot com

    Mike Will biting them Invasion niggas sound with this beat. smh…shout out to P-Lo and Iamsu.

  • ricky

    @shake sorry your justification is paper thin. you guys stay making sly ass insultiing remarks about certain rappers especially birdman yet constantly post their stuff…yet you refuse to post guys like lupe. its like niggas who call ross fake for stealing his name and not living the life he raps about but then they dickride guys like 2pac and biggie…its best if you just dont defend youraelf.

  • nyc22

    “FINALLY!!! More music from Chief Keef!!”

    – Nobody, ever.

  • evening tea


    Complex Mag’s backhanders. Get with it.

  • Ad

    my nigga mike shouldnt of wasted this sick beat on this sap ass nigga!

  • MiamiFlipper

    Don’t like it? Don’t click the link… Just click the NOPE button to the right of the DOPE button or disregard it! Fucking pricks always crabbing like some spoiled little girls, that’s one thing I notice about most “HipHop” heads.
    Hip Hop is DEAD…

  • ..

    this website fulla faggots

  • t.a.morales

    I don’t see why people fuck with this guy’s music. Wow.