Game – Hallelujah f. Jamie Foxx

blame it on Illy November 19, 2012

Game finished off his three-part Sunday Service drops with the latest single off Jesus Piece, the Jamie Foxx-assisted “Hallelujah.” His fifth studio effort drops December 18.

  • ss

    am i the only one who thinks he’s trying to sound and rap like j.cole????

  • Doney

    @ss maybe so, Game likes to duplicate other people’s style, but nonetheless all of these Sunday Services have been incredibly dope, I even more pumped for the album. Game always deliver on his studio albums, people neglect to give him props for his consistency


    This is actually really nice, Game has been droppin solid track after track.

  • 1

    JAKE ONE!!!!!!!!

  • Dre Mill

    Kanye, J.Cole Flow?

  • M0ns!er

    Yeah kinda sounds like J. Cole but it is really dope. Props to Game. I am excited for Jesus Piece!

  • levi

    Damn cant game use another flow to rap? he only mimics rapers when hes on the track with em. He’ll channel em in it but he’s always got his own spin on it.

    other wise Dope of course, if you like good music.

    Jesus Piece in 3 weeks (dec11)

  • Vento

    Hold up doesn’t j. Cole rap just like 20 other rappers. I mean its not like he has a flow that sounds far from basic. Game does bite styles sometimes but usually that person is on the song like Martians. He tried to sound like Tyler. Ok. But also his song with Kendrick he rapped nothing like Kendrick he let Kendrick shine. Sayin game is biting cole on this is kinda ignorant

  • VivatheKiD

    Are u fuckin kiddin me?! Game came to rap-game a lot of years ago.. Cole got only one album.. so, I think he took Game’s style.

  • Arthur

    I don’t think game or anybody else mimics any rapers.^^^

  • grge

    @VivatheKiD man this was a dumb ass comment. just cause a nigga been in the game longer that means its impossible for them to bite off a newer rapper? please. budden started biting drake about6 months ago. looking like an idiot, and niggas called him on it.

  • Blue

    This is so nice… and I don’t even listen to Game

  • Kempy

    Why he tryin to sound like Kanye? Awful… Unlistenable. Game, go back to YOU.

  • Staxx

    Biting J Cole now???? Some of yall reachin’. Game has rapped like this for years if you followed him. I’m startin’ to think, the only reason yall click on a Game song is to see if he raps like somebody else. Who listens to J Cole??? I don’t so I wouldn’t know the similaritys. Rather listen to Game all day than some damn J Cole.

  • bullshitRappersTheseDays

    totally bit j cole’s style on this, who was taught by yeezy

  • Flip

    Game and yeezy came up around the same time…how can game be stealing a flow when he’s been rapping like this….PS this that start from scratch flow…J cole is a new nigga

  • marty mcfly

    Game biting J Cole? Thats funny cause the nigga put out three dope albums and a gang of mixtapes before he even new J Cole existed. Game does switch his flow alot but its all based around the basic delivery that is the foundation of rap in general.

  • game

    ^^”cause the nigga put out three dope albums and a gang of mixtapes before he even new J Cole existed”…true, but that doesnt mean he cant listen j.cole and unconsciously be influenced, hes actually known to do that with alot of rappers…so i wouldnt say him biting coles style is “funny” more like very possible..

  • HesusDuece

    people are just looking to say Game is biting someone these days, i don’t know why he gets so much hates when he puts out great albums

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah but why would he go backwards? Cole is nice no doubt but Game been nice since the early 2000s and honestly him using Cole’s flow would be a step down cause in comparison Game got better bars then Cole overall and been had better flows for years now. Game makes better songs, got better albums and mixtapes and gots a better story to tell so him biting Cole would be going backwards. Again Cole is nice but obviously he still trying to master his own music, Game got passed the stage along time ago.

  • Yoba

    It sounds like Kanye? Cole? Maybe, but only because you know them for these kind of songs, it is your problem of perception! Game had songs and flow like these way before Cole. All the Just Blaze produced tracks, gospels and shit, all that been around. If Game wanted to bite flows, he could do it more obvious like with Ross on MIA and Jeezy on Paramedics. This is a dope song!

  • sinister

    This is wak………..Thats all imma say

  • game

    @marty, i dont agree with anything you said about game being better than cole, but i dont really care lol thats your opinion….something as simple as using his flow is not as big as a deal as your making it seem…saying that he would be “going backwards”..especially when games known for using other peoples styles…as far as i know most people think game has no flow lol
    so what would he be going backwards from?…even if game did have a better flow than cole , that still doesnt mean he didnt use his flow here…sure that wouldnt make sense..but whos to say game has sense? lol im not saying its a fact he intentially used his flow here.but im saying what proof do you have that he didnt conciously or unconcially do that

  • Mike

    Good song, Game back with Jamie always a classic. Just what I expected from the track!

  • Mike

    O this is the official cover???looks better then the hood 1st version

  • marty mcfly

    @game, Cole did not invent that cadence and delivery he uses ok. Its been around since the days of LL Cool J, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Nas so stop it. That delivery that both Cole and Game use is the foundation to rapping period. Almost every rapper to ever spit a flow in their life starts out with the same basic flow Cole uses ok. Game has been using the most basic of all flows since day one and yes he raps circles around Cole 9 times outta ten. Simply rapping the standard way that almost every Mc has for the last 20 something years does not mean your biting J Cole. GTFOH

  • game

    @marty, i can see your sensitive with this subject, dont know why…but im not going to go back and forth with you about whos better between the two, so you can keep those comments to yourself from this point on if you dont mind…now back to what i was saying..i didnt say j.cole invented that flow..but that still doesnt prove game didnt get that from cole…example:if im a basketball player and i learn the fade away jump shot from kobe an use it everytime down the court…that doesnt mean kobe invented it…kobe learned from jordan..but that doesnt mean i didnt get that move from kobe..and i may or may not have known thats been pefrfected before

  • game

    @marty and i didnt say game is definitely biting cole in this saying its a possibility, and you wouldnt be able to prove that false unless you were game himself…plus this is not just rapping the standard way, his delivery and flow is so close to coles in this that damn near everybody noticed it lol..and what makes everybodys point so relevent is that game is a KNOWN biter

  • game

    plus what makes my point so relevant is that im saying game could be doing it “unconciousley” meaning he probably doesnt know hes doing it…he just heard that flow?delivery and mimicked it without knowing where he got it from. hes just like a young rapper where you can hear his influences lol that happens when you dont have your own flow

  • marty mcfly

    If Game is biting Cole and everybody else then tell them to do themselves a favor and start biting Game cause his albums and songs always seem to come out alot better then these people that he’s supposed to be biting.

  • wickywoss

    he’s even rapping with cole’s fucking accent how can you deny the style game used is jermaine cole?

    and lol at game using other flows “unconsciousley”

    first off you mean “subconsciously”
    second, that’s most likely not the case at all

  • game

    @wickywoss, i did mean subconsciouly, thanks for correcting me…as long as you know what i meant

    @marty, mabe you missed the part where i said you can keep your personal opinion about the two to yourself..or maybe you didnt care and just kept on going anyway…which ever is the case i hope your having fun because i dont care about what your talking about lol

  • marty mcfly

    first off the niggas rap name is “The Game”, now if you read what @Mike Johnson wrote in the Jesus Piece snippet c section you’ll get a better understanding of what Game been doing since forever. So yes he does mimic or “bite” other styles for a specific reason at times and when you listen to those songs he says what hes doing and he names names and albums and songs he likes while he’s doing it. Now 2nd he does have his own flow if you dont pick up on it when he’s doing then oh well. 3rd, the basic timing of both Game and J Coles flow has been around since the early 90s. 4th when Cole raises his voice on the last word of the 2 and 4 bar in his flow, that also has been around for years now. Just because your J Cole fanatic doesn’t mean he is so influential that other people need to bite him or use his style. Especially from somebody that clearly has better bars overall.

  • game

    @marty, well 1)you may have missed my jordan/metaphor…..go back an read that, maybe you missed my point that answers damn near your whole reply, 2)im not a j.cole not a big fan…but more of a cole fan than a game fan lol, 3)im using the name game for comedic and ironic reasons, and 4)you bringing up your personal opinion about how game is better than cole will never help your arguement because 1)that doesnt have anything to do with what i’m saying, and 2)that’s not factual

  • game

    @marty, now if you went back and saw the jordan/kobe reference and you still dont understand..basically im saying even if that flow and delivers has been done a million times before , that doesnt mean game didnt get that from cole…and you cant prove that just because its been done before cole…and you trying to continue that arguement makes you sound like a dick rider lol

  • game

    @marty,i dont have to be a j.cole fanatic to notice a rapper mite be trying to imitate him..but you definitely sound like a game fanatic for acting like that isnt a possibility in this case

  • marty mcfly

    J Cole got his whole style from Kanye anyway so again Cole aint invent his little flow fool and no I dont give a shit about your jordan/Kobe metaphor.

  • game

    @marty lol, you need to give a fuck about my jordan/kobe metaphor because it would save you from wasting your time arguing a point i proved was irrelevant 6 comments ago

  • King Me

    @Game, Your argument and Kobe/Jordan example dont make sense compared to what your arguing about to begin with. Your example in this case should be more like: If im a rookie or second year player and start to make a career off of backing players down at the free throw line like kobe (and jordan) did before me, the next time Kobe does it, it is possible he did it because he was influenced by me doing it…

    You make no sense. Marty was saying that game whos been around for years had the flow before Cole did so why would you automatically assume that if you decides to use it again on a track hes biting Cole specifically who took it from people before him? Answer? Yor a Cole stan. Dont hide behind 6 or seven page length paragraphs to express such.

  • marty mcfly

    Its no argument fool, you can think whatever yo want. The fact is Game has a history that we all know about way before J Cole and his flow then and now has been solid. Cole put out 4 projects the first 5 or 6 years he been out and you can go compare Game’s albums and mixtapes starting with The Documentary in comparison with Cole World. If you honestly think Cole is fucking with Game thats your opinion and you can have it.

  • game

    @king me…my arguement does make sense, your just making it deeper than it has to be…i’m simply saying just because a flow has been done before that doesnt mean your not biting the newest person to use that flow..and i proved that with that metaphor…i didnt ask you what my metaphor “should be like”…i’m pretty sure i got my point accross quite clear

  • game

    @king me…plus i never heard game use this flow and delivery before…and even if he did….there’s still a possibility he brought it back to life because of an influence he mite of heard(j.cole)….”why would you automatically assume that if you decides to use it again on a track hes biting Cole specifically who took it from people before him? Answer? Your a Cole stan.”….but who said cole took it from people before him? that could be the case, and there is also a possibilty somebody can come up with a flow, use it and not know its been done before..its called BEING LATE the way i like j.coles music..but definitely not enough to be considered a “stan” more of a jay z, nas, eminem fan

  • game

    @marty oh i can have an opinion now? thats great, i thought all of your opinions were facts and nothing i said mattered before…good to know…carry on now

  • marty mcfly

    Nothing you said does matter bitch. LOL

  • game

    its possible game used this flow before….yes…breakdown this reference now….fabolous may have rapped over soul beats in the past(as well as many others)..didnt do it in a long time…j.cole comes out, gets hot, raps over a bunch of soul beats…fabolous hears it…likes it…an sub conciously got the idea from cole to do that when he made “the soul tape”…thats would im saying could be the case here…if ya dont agree that thats a possibilty..i think that would make the 2 of you “game stans” lol

  • game

    the same way everybody thinks game stole the album picture thing from kendrick is what im saying here…is kendrick the first to do that picture thing? no…but hes the most recent to do it, and that may have sparked the idea for game to bring it back….after all he is KNOWN to do these things lol

  • FakirWise

    Nice, can’t listen to this and get caught up in the all the above.

  • Fogging

    I like this joint. Took me few listens but game did hs thing. Can’t hate Game has lyrics

  • ya niggaz are dump you are hating so much on game i think you are more fan than a fan you aint no hater you are fan….come on everytime game drop some you re never satisfy….jay z been jacking other niggaz flow and ya never say shit…and who is j cole for game to jack his style come on son stop hating on the nigga and enjoy the music…game is dope jesus piece is dope too so end of the tread…fuck yall haters pffffffff

  • He trying to sound like Kanye now. Wow!!!! This sound like some other sh*t. Word to 50. LMAO!!!!