Game – Jesus Piece f. Kanye West & Common (prod. The Maven Boys) [Snippet]

blame it on Illy November 19, 2012

Here goes a preview of the title track to Game’s upcoming fifth studio album, Jesus Piece(out Dec. 11) featuring Kanye West and Common, produced by The Maven Boys and Stephen Kozmeniuk. The LP is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

  • brite


  • Flip

    classic record in the making

  • youknowit

    sounds dope but uh… when they said kanye was just on the hook I expected more than just a line… and he didn’t even produce the song… how does this count as a “feature”?

  • chuck

    why game always tryna sound like other people?

    be yourself yo. damn

  • tical

    this sounds mad good except for game on the chorus sounding like kanye for some reason

  • you

    This nigga AINT PLAYIN’ #GameWon

  • amazing

    game is wayyyy too influenced by other rappers.

  • wat

    Game is the type of rapper who copies other peoples’ styles and whose career survives solely off features.

  • ThisIsLA

    more like Vocals by Kanye West.. hopefully has a verse

  • I don’t really mind Game using Ye’s adlibs but hopefully Kanye has a verse…. Either they intentionally didn’t show us his verse to hype us up or Kanye is just doing the chorus, which I’d be disappointed in, at least Common is on it.

  • Robenum

    Just previewed the album. Like i’ve been saying. That shit is fuckin dope.

  • marty mcfly

    This and the Premo joint and the Black Jesus joint all came out DOPE.

  • 3much4thesehoes


  • HesusDuece

    Album previews are insane, beats are fire especially that dr dre beat for dead people damnn

  • randy

    “Game is the type of rapper who copies other peoples’ styles and whose career survives solely off features.”

    In other words a dickrider

  • hypezo

    anybody else hear j.cole?

  • Si

    Some people on this site really have no idea what the difference between “biting” and “paying homage” is.

    Go and listen to Jay-Z’s “What More Can I Say,” children.

    No wonder hip-hop is in such a sorry state of affairs. Sure, Game is hit-and-miss a lot of the time but he is a damn sight more talented than 90% of the rappers out there at the moment.

  • Mike Johnson

    When will these haters realize that the name alone “The Game” is a concept by itself?
    Instead of calling him a flow stealer or a dickrider you should realize there is no “rapper” in this game that loves hiphop more than “The Game”. That’s why he’s called “The Game”. So for him not to namedrop or showoff he masters every one’s flow wouldnt even make sense…. He is the most loyal MC in the game.

    Just look at his last album “The R.E.D. Album”… Many would say: “It’s all over the place” or “No concept at all” or “Too many features”. That’s bullshit. The R.E.D. album was a great concept album if you would understand it. R.E.D. was completely about paying homage to HIPHOP. Showing that he could compete with every big name in the game, taking their flows and still killin them on their own shit.

    If you haters could name me 1 MC that outshined Game on his own albums, I would tip my hat to you. Shit…. Even Nas got killed on “Letter To The King” on L.A.X. And thats no disrespect cause Nas to me, is THE #1 MC to ever touch this planet. Just facts…

    And last but not least… Besides Kanye, Game is probably the most consistant artist in the game.

    ps. Just heard the snippets of Jesus Piece. Shit sounds pretty f*ckin amazin.


  • LexiCon

    ^ stop looking for some deep shit in a puddle of piss! It was his grandmother who called him Game. End of the story. Game is the biggest copycat in hiphop. It ain’t no homage to the culture. It’s a lack of originality. I was a Game’s fan at the beginning. I listened to The Documentary so many times I can still remember the lyrics. But he’s wack now. Not as a rapper, but as the artist.

  • mike johnson

    Wasnt meant to be deep but you revering to this as deep tells me you’re just a shallow & ignorant little boy. Now crawl back on yo momma’s lap and shut the Fuck up when grown folks speakin.

  • Amsterdamned

    Every sane/honest person in this world should actually admit that eachone of us is bipolar. Some more, some less but we”re all f*ckin hypocrits.
    Since Game is the only one to be honest about this typical human feature, I got love for him.
    The fact that he spits fire and the way he uses his voice, make him one of my favorite mc’s and personalities ever to touch the mike.
    What is perceived as fake (biting, lack of own personality) is actually the realest shit you can get.
    That’s respect, being humble. Being human.

    Game top 5 DOA

    PS…Plus his interviews are hotter, holla!!

  • Sinister

    Game is trash pint blank period

  • Sinister

    @Mike Johnson comment u sound pathetic u actually admiring a poser damn homie u still think game is a real nikka what real nikka shit has he done all ya game fans praising dis nikka like he actually gonna pay ur bills ya sound delusional and no game did not body nas on letter to the king what rae u listening first of all hoiw old are you get ur facts straight on so called the game aka the bitch a fake blood at that cmon its true all ya nikkas rooting for non real nikkaz what a shame

  • Thinker

    “game is wayyyy too influenced by other rappers.”

    this is gunna be the haters main statement. fuckin serious?

  • Amsterdamned

    @sinister, your definition of real aint real my friend, its fake. Prolly one of them youngsters thinking they know…one day you’ll hopefully see the light. If not, dont worry. Ignorance is …..


  • Dope track!

  • hurricanegame

    stop lyin this shit dont sound nothin like j cole flow nothin maann why are ya lyin?? its game time why are ya talkin about j cole ? u ‘re very stupid when u re sayin that lol