Ice Berg – I Ain't Got No Time f. Rick Ross

Not sure who Ice Berg is, and being perfectly honest I may probably never even try to know. BUt I'm sure someone out there will dig this.

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  • Perry


  • SMH

    "...may probably..." ... Meka, you ever wonder why you can't keep a worthwhile column in a Nation publication?

    Not me.

  • english101

    Yea, Meka's posts have been filled with grammatical and syntax errors lately.

    Thank God this isn't a real journalism site.

  • Mac Dre

    Ice Berg is still around... I heard about him from a stoned 14 year old white trash girl at a party back in high school like 5 years ago. Smh at the fact that anyone listens to him, and that Rick Ross apparently is co-signing... Rozay should just put his energy in to Stalley and Wale.

  • Niggas in Florida can't get enough of this dude. Smh. I live in South Florida and I've been hearing his name for years. Still ain't shit though. Lol

  • Jarvo

    Been screamin he is On His Way since I was in High School and still haven't popped off lol

  • MiamiFlipper

    Can't speak for the whole South Florida, but in Miami he only use to get play from kids& since I been out of school (since 08) I haven't heard a song from him.

  • Admir_Bonsoir

    I seriously thought they were gonna sample that news clip with the lady whos house burnt down...


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