Kid Ink – OG (prod. Young Chop)

blame it on Meka November 19, 2012

Is it safe to say that Young Chop is the 2012 version of Lex Luger in terms of “placements everywhere because everybody wants his sound?” Anyways, the Kid’s Rocketshipshawty drops this Wednesday (November 21st).

  • doc rovers

    also because theyre 2 of the wackest producers living, along with mike will and dj mustard

  • jerry

    ^aw look the hipster got his feelings hurt :(

  • SayItLikeItIs

    All these fruity loops guys are clones of each other it’s all the same shit you heard one you heard them all people only use them cos they cheap as fuck and artists cant afford to pay real producers for quality beats you could get 1 just blaze neptunes timberland dr dre cool n dre etc beat or get 10 of these for half the price

  • ^^^ Out of all 4 of those producers, I would go with DJ Mustard. Everything doesn’t have to be orchestral. Niggas need to learn to live.

  • thisisreal

    why does everyone wanna sound the same so much though? fuck kid ink this nigga wack from day one

    and yes ive heard all his shit before any of u ink dickriders come n try to tell me hes dope….HES NOT…nigga has no longevity and will be out the game just as quick as most these other 15 minutes of fame swagfag rappers

  • j

    chop aka young luger.

    beats bang though.. what else you want

  • Tyler

    He wont be out of the game for a while and you say hes wack why dont you make a beat and make a rap thats gets 14mil+ views

  • whorida

    Shitty beats = millions of YouTube views.

  • Amen @thiisreal
    In this case, the beat makes the artist, and it ain’t saying much.