Lil Reese – Bodies f. Juelz Santana

blame it on Meka November 19, 2012

The Human Wifebeater links up with the Diplomat on this track which, according to FSD, may end up on his mixtape 3Hunna.

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  • Varsityballin

    #oblock nigga #lamron #3hunna all day get wit it or get klacked the fuck out #bang #bang. L’z up

  • LAX

    the human wifebeater haha

  • S.A.

    LOL “Human Wife Beater”

  • DaveG

    Ghetto Gutter Trash 300! This is horrible. You can’t call this rap, hiphop, or even music for that matter

  • greg focker

    damn all you niggas do is complain about shit 24 /7. like its your job or some shit. there is no way most of you niggas are at peace or happy with your lives. when i dont like something i just pay it no attention. you niggas semm to have nothing else going for you other than the shit you dont like. pun intended

  • harry

    a human wife beater? As opposed to what, an amphibian wifebeater?

  • bladaoh

    crazy to think this dude is actually related to obama

  • s

    this shit blows.

  • rikko

    @MEKA u talk shit about WEEZY and he promotes Violence, but yes u promote this nigga

  • no

    @bladaoh WHAT???

  • PJ

    Why does your blog support him?!?

  • sirsaff

    what that nigga do outside of making music has nothing to do with you.

  • Good Peoples

    @Meka you a straight bitch! You a internet thug! i hope Keef and them niggas catch up with you! smh

  • longlivedolla

    Honestly some of these comments are beyond belief. This is a music blog that caters to many tastes of fans of Rap, Hip Hop, R&B and all sorts.. I know for a fact every day i log on there will be something I have got time for and appreciate.

    If there is something you dont like or appreciate then go elshwere of ignore it. Ive got time for 2DBZ they put me on to good music.. I cant fault that!

  • longlivedolla

    *elsewhere or ignore it.

  • Fuck all this Lil Reese hate, the nigga did that rachet ho justice a year ago. Man Do- errrr… Woman Down.