French Montana – Mac & Cheese 3 (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka November 20, 2012

After a few leaks and videos, French drops his precursor to Excuse My French this late Monday night. Tracklist and link down botom.

1. Intro (prod. Harry Fraud)
2. Ocho Cinco f. Diddy, Red Cafe, MGK & Los & (prod. Young Chop)
3. Baby Momma Skit
4. Yayo f. Future & Chinx Drugz (prod. Young Chop)
5. Water
6. Grownups f. Ma$e & Rico Love (prod. Rico Love)
7. Hatin On A Youngin’ (prod. Young Chop)
8. Devil Want My Soul (prod. Young Chop)
9. State Of Mind (prod. Harry Fraud)
10. Don’t Go Over There f. Fat Joe & Wale (prod. Boi-1da)
11. Weed Skit
12. Triple Double f. Mac Miller & Curren$y (prod. Harry Fraud)
13. Diamonds f. J. Cole & Rick Ross (prod. Swizz Beatz)
14. Tic Toc f. Trina (prod. Renegades)
15. Hip Hop f/ Fat Joe (prod. Shawdi P)
16. Sanctuary (prod. Black Metaphor)
17. No Sunshine f. Prodigy & Chinx Drugz (prod. Dollarz)
18. Thrilla In Manilla f. Tyga & Ace Hood (prod. DJ Mustard)

DOWNLOAD: French Montana – Mac & Cheese 3 (Mixtape)

  • BKNY Kid

    As far as formulaic, predictable, mainstream music goes… this is entertaining. Even with all the Young Chop beats (and YC sounding beats), he still maintains a lil bit of that early Coke Boys/Max B era sound with Harry Fraud’s contributions..

  • Way more entertaining that Kendrick.

  • Cambodian Indiana

    Where is the track; “Marble Floors”?! It’s supposed to feature Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz? They released the artwork for the track a few days ago. I know that the features are predictable, but, I was still kinda excited to hear it. If a French Montana track can be anticipated, that would be the one.

  • Fiend

    Anyone else not get the Fat Joe & Wale joint?

  • thatrealshit

    frenchie is boring as fuck…harry fraud is that dude tho, way too slept on


  • ImGood

    Haha that kingdom Hearts beat

  • Billznmoe

    Swizz Beats didn’t produce “Diamonds” This kid name Deputy did! That joint fiya!

  • beejay

    This is the problem with hip hop today the kids like artists because they are funny and entertaining like glorified childrens entertainers lol

  • C’mon_BruhBruh

    ^ I know, right? I can’t stand it when an artist is entertaining! These kids listen to people that actually give them happiness, laughter, and entertainment. Shit’s wack in my book- I’m finna go listen to some boring ass shit like a true hip-hop fan!

  • jim jones

    This shit wavvyyyyy as fuck. Def in the top 5 for mixtapes this year.

    Sanctuary the realest joint by frenchie

  • Review coming soon on my site. Click my name to check it out.

  • ALF

    HAHAHAHAHah that nigga future sound like Fela Kuti

  • 2DBZ should make a Forum for us to argue and discuss shxt. the Mixtape is alright tho

  • j

    co sign @shakeem

  • chrus butta


  • GradeSchoolShit

    Meka’s grammar has been horrendous lately

  • Thinker

    “2DBZ should make a Forum for us to argue and discuss shxt.”
    dont you guys do that shit here already?

  • the realest

    dont nobody use harry fraud beats better than french. i’ve heard those smokedza action bronson and all that. they shit sauce. aint none of those tracks fuckin the montana/fraud duo. just stop hating. gangsta rap lives on. nerds pack your backpacks up lol.

  • Who produced that “Water” track. Shit is kinda smoove.

  • the realest

    151 nopes. yeah yall “dope” pass gets revoked. its offical now. yall nerds. im going shyne on yall niggaz. hood pass are not valid anymore lol.

  • Sinister

    this mixtape is fuking awful yuuuuuk dis nikka french is garbage…smh on ya nikkaz listening to this sucka

  • 2deep

    Feelin’ this tape. Nothing serious, but smooth tracks to ride to.

    156 people hit “nope” without even listening to it.

  • aye bruhs, just go listen to Mac & Cheese 2 intro, then this tape, look at the grind and come up, he talks about doing things on his old mixtapes, and hes done em all and surpassed them,, hes been one of my fav artists since i first heard im so special.
    people just sleep on dude maybe they check out 1 tape or a couple songs, but u can tell the diffrence between tracks he wants the real fans to hear, and songs with famous artists that will bring him shine he deserves. and yes for nerds, squares, folks who dont know shit bout that life, hating french is a hobbie. but real muhfuckAS fuck wit real muhfuckas, and at the end of the day that is all

  • and i coulda used many examples but instead of M&C 2 intro but i just bumped that and then intro off this tape and its like

  • the realest

    @ 2deep

    i feels but being dead broke and finding a way out aint serious? somethings wrong with that.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ I thought French raps about being rich cause all he does is flip birds? I aint even listen to this shit but id bet thats the main subject matter on here.

  • the realest

    ^ you thought wrong. like always.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah well im just going off what I heard from him in the past and thats basically about him flipping birds. If he changed his style on this tape and started rapping about “being broke” then that would definitely be something I haven’t heard from him. He mite have about two lines about it but he aint making no Mourning In America type album thats for damn sure. If you gonna imply that he’s taking such a subject serious, that would be different coming from this guy. He gotta couple songs out right now with ross where he said “birds” like 50 times each song so… just saying

  • the realest

    ^ lmao thats cuz you not from the streets and hella ignorant without self-realization. so i dont expect you relate. do your homework and run thru his catalog. then state your opinion. you listen to his club bangers asking for some real shit. smh who does that unless your tryna win a 2dopeboyz arguement?

  • marty mcfly

    Im not from the streets? LOL Yeah ok Kingpin. I guess your somewhere cooking up since you relate so well so ill let you get back to selling bricks to the soundtrack to your life Scarface.

  • the realest

    ^ lmao actually im washing dishes, not cooking. but you was close tho lol. you got any music to discuss? or are your feelings too hurt and you cant concentrate no mo? lol

  • troubleman