Larry Lovestein (Mac Miller) – You (FreEP)

blame it on Illy November 20, 2012

Under the alias Larry Lovestein, Mac Miller has just released a jazz EP titled, You. Check out the tracklisting and download it after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller – You (FreEP)

  • $$$

    If he had a different voice this would slay, lol. I appreciate him doing something different though.

  • asdfasdf

    this is kinda dope….
    wtf lol

  • nelson

    this tape is really good. haven’t heard good jazz vibes in a long time

  • lol


  • Sad

    Wait a f*ck*ng minute… I wish I could slap the sh*t out of anyone that thinks this is dope. That’s so disrespectful to what real jazz sounds like. I hope its not the same people that hate on his raps saying this is dope. Man I can’t even read the C-Section anymore it pains me and it makes me extremely sad. For the record I liked: BDE, I Love Life, Thank You & Macadelic but I can’t roll with this…

  • nickd

    this is what happens when rappers make it big. mac is really trying to sing. fuck this fagget

  • ihatestans

    So first DOOM changes his name, then Mos Def, now Mac Miller?

  • Nick Minas

    Man,some of you are really stupid…He’s just doing something different,it’s not that serious. Now,if he decided that from now on this is what he’s doing…then you can say it’s weak and not worth a listen. freakin’ hip hop,lol

  • Read a book

    “disrespectful to what real jazz sounds like”

    Slap yourself in your bitch ass face for saying something that ignorant.

  • DocNess

    Man this shit is BUTT ASS!!!!!

  • grs

    im not the biggest fan of his music, but im a big fan of mac miller. thru all the hate he receives from limp dick internet grumpies he stays rapping and takes chances like this ep. i appreciate his commitment to artistry.

  • K-Eazy

    Wow, Just Wow. Im not even a hater like that but this shit is so bad. High Life was good. Jukebox was aight. Kids was real dope. Best Day ever sucked. Blue Slide Park sucked. Macadelic was good. This shit is straight garbage. I respect Mac for doing something different, but not when it sounds this bad. Sorry im not sorry

  • Burr

    ^ are you crazy best day ever was dope and whatever its free music so stop ur bitching

  • FiveNine

    If this is in the Asher Roth Pabst & Jazz mold, sign me up

  • ^^^^^^

    Jew lover

  • K-Eazy

    Burr, can you honestly tell me that most of best day ever is still in heavy rotation in whatever playlist you listen to? Donald Trump and Keep Floatin and Life Aint Easy are the only ones that I do. Im not bitching about free projects either. Just stating the obvious that this falls in the bottom of the barrel in the free project category.

  • 2step

    If you listen to it not aware that its mac its actually a unique, and tasteful piece of music. Thats why its under a different alias because he wants you to think of this in a different realm of music. Just as cudi did a side project as WZRD. Take your tastebuds outside the box once in awhile

  • kushBlowMyMind

    “disrespectful to what real jazz sounds like”
    Damn, this comments section is really full of shit…
    As a true jazz lover (from Miles to Ambrose Akinmusire, from Mingus to… BadBadNotGood, from Gillespie to Eric Dolphy…), i just say one thing: i give some credit to mac for this project. Not as good as some as wanted, but guy needs respect just for bringing eclectism back in hh.
    Stop hatin & bitchin as faggot

  • kushBlowMyMind

    4 sure this doenst sound like a Miles record. But disrespectuf toward jazz? common…

  • realtalk™

    people will do anything to hate on mac.. im not a fan but this shit is pretty dope

  • G

    @ KushBlowMyMind

    Bringing eclecticism back to hip-hop? Dude… Get yourself to some Blu, asap.

  • kushBlowMyMind

    @G yea im agreed with you. U can erase BACK to my post as hes not the first one since 5 years bringin a new flavor to hip-hop.
    Blu (with or w/out exile) isn’t the only one.
    But i mean im not usualy fan of mac works, but as a jazz & eclectic music lover, i can’t hate on this projet.

  • This shit is garbage. Just because it’s different doesn’t make it good. Shit sounds like Rich Hil over some half-assed Jazz.

  • G

    I fucks with this. It would be even better if it came with an instrumental version.

  • G from Philly

    After listening to the whole thing…I want to take back my statement about liking this. I can tolerate his voice for about 2 tracks. I like when rappers adopt jazz sounds in their music but he coulda just rapped instead of trying to actually sing, knowing that he can’t sing. Somebody let me know when the instrumentals comes out

  • justenjoythisshit

    damn his voice.. sucks

  • Cheeba G

    how does this have no comments. this was dope as fuhh

  • George Ivanov

    very, very nice! incredibly nice!