Random Acts Of F*ckery: Paris Hilton Edition

blame it on Meka November 20, 2012

Is this some kind of cruel joke? Seriously, this is cannon fodder for all those “money is the root of all evil” conspiracy theorists who also believe the Illuminati are responsible for every time they hit a red light. It’s too early for this shit…

  • e-meka

    The joint ain’t half-bad..eziokwu!

  • DocCosmos

    she can get it though

  • Danny

    Wrong on both accounts. Both of you, take a lap.

  • ctwins3644

    This isn’t by any means a compliment, but this is one of the better wayne verses in a minute. Yikes.

  • fitz

    don’t knock the hustle

  • henny

    wtf was that video all about?

  • ray

    lmmfao at Danny, that boy said “take a lap”.. i gotta start using that, reminds me of old coaches

  • Weed

    that was little wayne? shit i thought that was a random gay dude…

    nevermind i just went back and actually paid attention. i was just goin on his voice before. and this is definitely not one of his better verses.

  • MasE.N.D

    LMFAO…”take a lap”…Danny >>>>

  • RT

    Cold’s when the thrill is gone, cold’s the good die young
    Cold’s the villian, cold’s how wanted the cold chillin’
    Cold’s no love at the door, turned away when you roll up
    In the cold, cold is no money for cold cuts
    Hot and cold, that’s opposite extremes
    I think, which way is worse? Burn to death or freeze?
    Hot’s when you sellin’ units, strictly word of mouth
    We from the bottom of Cali, that’s why the birds fly South
    For the winter, copped a new crib, studio built in
    It’s hot, hot is not Paris Hilton
    Tryin’ to breathe, a cold world, inhale each breath
    Still the sun can’t chill but everyday the West sets