T.I. – Trouble Man (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Meka November 20, 2012

Now titled Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, Tip’s official return to the rap world drops on December 18th. Check out the tracklisting down bottom.

1. The Introduction
2. G Season f. Meek Mill
3. Trap Back Jumpin’
4. Wildside f. A$AP Rocky
5. Ball f. Lil Wayne
6. Sorry f. André 3000
7. Can You Learn f. R. Kelly
8. Go Get It
9. Guns and Roses f. Pink
10. The Way We Ride
11. Cruisin’
12. Addresses
13. Hello f. CeeLo Green
14. Who Want Some
15. Wonderful Life f. Akon
16. Hallelujah

  • breal87

    That a sick cover, got that good bad n ugly vibe

  • Lance Geneva

    Extremely fantastic artwork ! Reminds me of something Quentin Tarantino would’ve been fond of.. The most exciting thing though, is that he does most of the album by himself ! The features look very calculated as well, they aren’t just random A list talent ! TIP has never dropped a whack album, so this is another one to add to the collection for sure.

  • JChrome

    wow, an original and creative album cover from a major label artist! that is truly awesome! love the cover, tracklist (and singles) promising too!

  • ty

    what happened to the kendrick track?

  • Dave Ghet

    Dope Cover!!!

  • j

    nice cover.. but another track called Hallelujah????

  • who cares

    I’m not gonna lie the cover IS dope, but c’mon Tip. You got locked up because of possession of multiple firearms so what do you do? Make an album cover of you holding a gun. We can only feel bad for you so many times before it becomes your own damn fault.
    As far as those guests…. *throws up* Only good guests are 3K and Akon.

  • brooks

    Well Damn Tip!

    Good, Bad or Ugly, I fucks with you!

  • jab

    the art is based on the 70’s movie trouble man, not the good bad and the ugky

  • As-Hole

    looks like the B.o.B and Kendrick track didn’t make the cut…weird but i wouldnt doubt it ending up on the deluxe edition or something, unless the sample didnt clear

  • shiiihihihiiiiit niggaaaaaa

    “You got locked up because of possession of multiple firearms so what do you do? Make an album cover of you holding a gun.”
    you realize its based off a movie cover dont you? i dont remember anybody asking you personally to feel sorry for the man

  • Boom

    ^^^^ preach

  • who knows

    will King be back?

  • Who the hell is still checkin for this dude? Yall must be some simple-minded if you’re lookin for TI but knock Rick Ross for being a fake. T.I is industry, he doesn’t give a fuck about hip hop culture

  • this is an amazing Album Cover. the tracklist is impressive.

  • viewtiful_alan

    Great cover, but that tracklist is looking suspect… pink? akon? and god knows Cee Lo has been iffy lately

  • JAyP

    SALTY ASS GtotheFO we can give a fuck TIP is Back READY FOR TROUBLEMAN!

  • Makaveli

    How does he not have a grand hustle fT no B.o.B. Dro Mac Kuntry but Pink and meek Mill shittin me… ill still cop tho

  • realtalk™

    i hate to be that guy but i cant fuckin wait to hear that song with asap rocky

  • truth