• kayo

    The Prodigy mixed funk, hip-hop, house, punk rock, etc. all into their music and it was easily some of the most influential shit out there at the time for all of these new EDM fuckboys today who are putting out all this radio trash. Them boys were wiiiildd

  • http://real-tube.net King me

    We need a real video to this one

  • PaperKut

    Switch left Major Lazer. It's Diplo and 2 other guys now. Even the hype man left too

  • who cares

    Pass. The original is something that should never have been fucked with. This one is whack.

  • skrill83

    This sucks...the original was 100x better....Fat of the Land is one of the ALL TIME classic not only electronic but records period.....Anyone that knows anything about electronic knows that Diplo sucks

  • D

    Diplo is shit compared to Liam Howlett. If you gonna fuck with a classic you need to do better than this weakness.
    In other words the original was/is better.