Wiz Khalifa – The Bluff f. Cam’ron (prod. ID Labs)

blame it on Illy November 20, 2012

Off O.N.I.F.C. out Dec. 4. Hit the jump to stream.

  • brian

    finally has his song with killa cam! dude’s been talking about wanting to do one for years. good tune. ONIFC

  • Him

    Fuck what yall say this shit rides

  • G killa

    Pic goes hard, shame the song doesn’t cam’ron sounded str8 traashhh

  • Mike Tomlin


  • quas

    fuck all the money n fame, this has been wiz’s dream from the very begginning. Cant hate this is dope

  • 2dope4nope

    Yup you can’t hate this is surprisingly dope what up Killa!

  • HiLL

    I hope the rest of his album sound like this ish right here. TGOD



  • drew

    “im killa he wiz both are say check say camron.”

    saw that comin a mile away

  • Killa Cam ! ID Labs thou Dope Shit !

  • Wiz sounds the same on every track………..

  • skrill83

    Give Me Prince of the City 2 or maybe Star Power…dudes been whack since,,,,too bad cause I loved those tapes when they came out

  • fuckSkrill83

    No one cares^

  • ^ you cared enough to write that

  • huh?

    so I guess more people check for Wiz than Big Boi?… not that thats a bad thing.. just surprising considering the elitist attitudes usually on display here.

  • AiseLife

    This sounds like it could be on Kush & OJ or any mixtape before. I was hopin this would turn out good, Wiz came through