A.Dd+ – Suitcases

blame it on Meka November 21, 2012

The Dallas-reared crew has been working on a new mixtape, DIVEHIFLYLO, which will drop soon. Here is the first loosie from that upcoming project.

DOWNLOAD: A.Dd+ – Suitcases

  • Gengar

    These niggas suck

  • TheJones

    Fuckin killer!! A.Dd+ Hoe!!

  • Buggsy

    Garbage! Stop biting Outkast

  • charles

    they fucking suck

  • Sober


  • EyeJay

    I swear, there’s haters on every damn blog…smh. DFW STAND UP!!

  • Jdoe

    fucking dope!

  • This&ThatProductions

    These dudes go so damn hard (pause)… And i dont hear an outkast resemblance on this song

  • gary

    showin love from NY!

  • lizzy

    Pack it up! pack it up! pack yo hatin asses outta here!

  • kshawn

    im diggint this shit!

  • Tripple D HOE!


  • perolli

    Outkast or not this is good

  • kendrick

    WHOA! FIRST TIME I HEAR OF ADd! niiiiiice

  • Dtown

    ADdHoe! Dallas reppin!

  • mandy


  • Chancy

    Daaaaamn right! this shit is FIRE!

  • Boogienights


  • Purple Vapour Flava


  • Motorboat Jones

    but we never get a Raw Elementz post from Dallas.. lol

  • FadedJose

    I got this bitch slappin on repeat!

  • JohnJohnson

    This shit too raw!!! Been on these boys since When Pigs Fly…. A.Dd+ Hoe!!

  • LaVail

    I love AD.d+. Nigga I’m from Dallas.

  • bert.c

    been following these dude since when pigs fly thought the under video was dope shit slim got my cuzo into one of his show dudes a real and they coming up stop hating a show support!!!! AD.d Hoe !!!!!!!

  • JohNY

    How the hell am i a week behind on this…. shit this slaps!!… A.Dd+ Hoe!!