Beats By Dre: All Eyes On Us w/ 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, MGK & Azealia Banks (Video)

blame it on Meka November 21, 2012

Dr. Dre’s cash cow/reason he never has to do another album ever again has this new campaign, “b Yourself,” with a myriad of artists you may have seen every once in a while. Here is the newest commercial.

  • beejay

    Do people actually realize Dre is just the face of the product to fool people into buying them

    • > Do people actually realize Dre is just the face of the product to fool people into buying them

      dog, everybody knows. but nobody cares. that’s what is called “marketing genius.”

  • FuckouttaHurr

    The fucks up with that song??

  • Mike Tomlin

    An iPod commercial with the lights on?

  • Beats by Dre are wack. Just another trend that will eventually die out.

  • UK MAN

    Quality-wise, those headphones are awful. Anyone that pays top money for those is a fool.

    • Nick

      I’m sorry UK man this is America and in America we love beats so don’t be so wack. Got better stuff to do then comment on sites and say how bad stuff is??

  • YallSomeDooDooNiggas

    Of course people know he doesn’t own the company. Jay don’t even own a single percent of an NBA team, but kids still give him a pass for claiming part ownership, so I think they’ll continue to give Dre a pass for this..

  • louie

    50 cent smsaudio headphones are better

  • MulaMula

    What’s that hat called that is wearing? Anybody know that?

  • Si

    Some of the comments above are hilarious. So what if Dre does not own “Monster,” he makes more money from his “Beats by Dre” endorsement deal each year than your favorite rappers make in their entire lifetimes.

    Haters gonna hate…

  • Solozaur

    Do people that hate on Beats have actually tried a pair? I was a skeptic mostly because of the price but I tried the Pro and Mixr and they have amazing sound, some of my favorite tracks sound even better. Is there are better options for less then please point them out to be, I’d love to get that quality for less money!

  • laura

    I don’t see the point in paying more then $10 on a pair of head phones, like seeing a bunch of famous people dance around wearing them are going to make me give up buying food or gas for a week so I can go buy these, its retarded. I guess if your a dj or whatever you might need A pair, oh yeah I forgot the fact that almost every stupid little kid that messes up good music these days thinks they are a dj.