• Ryan

    This is old as fuck... Give me my flowers

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^ please read the write ups before you come in hear with the ignorant comments. thanks.

  • casper wordsmith

    Hahaha … dumb people.

  • doc rovers

    *here, shake. not "hear".....

  • moon1483

    Great tape with real ish. Like shake said, don't sleep on this project

  • Howlett

    They dropped a mixtape the another too

  • FlyPelicanFly

    great song but yeah seriously... third time this has been put out. once unmastered, then mastered, now on a whole new project :/

  • not the type to say “LATE,” but . . .

    f'real though, this song was on EXILE's Intro To The Outro Mixtape LAST YEAR. then it showed up mastered on Blu & Exile's album this year (retail version). Now it's on here -- & yall just now noticed it?

    I guess its good they kept putting it back out then if thats what it took for it to finally connect with you.

  • grs

    i dont care how many times this is posted, i can listen to that blu verse another 30 times...