Fabolous – The Soul Tape 2 (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy November 22, 2012

Loso taps J. Cole, Pusha T, Trey Songz, Cassie, Joe Budden, Wale, Teyana Taylor, and more for his Thanksgiving treat, The Soul Tape 2. Stream and download the 12-track project after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Fabolous – The Soul Tape 2 (Mixtape)

  • adi pre


  • adolfmayne


  • 2Deep

    Fab tape = instant download.

  • TooClutch4TV

    I’m definitely thankful for this!

  • Dwino

    I’m surprise No Lloyd Banks feature

  • Jab72284

    How crazy smooth is that We Get High track?! This mixtape is NIIIICEEEE!!

  • 2dope4nope

    Just dope.

  • DX

    All the way through. Damn these guys just give away their best works for free thanks. Full stomach, bout to spark a blunt and just vibe to this until my daughter wakes up. 1

  • nito

    this is nice

  • The Count

    This is too dope. Even if you wasn’t feeling first The Soul Tape, cop this one! Gobble gobble!

  • Damn

    There is nothing “Soul” about this mainstream garbage ass Rapper .

    Talk to me when he drops a average Album…

  • Wu Tang

    damn. < nigga must be a officer ricky fan. Boy this is REAL RAP not that mmg shit

  • realtalk™

    After all these years, Fabolous probably still doesn’t know Joey’s last name is BUDDEN lol..

    • Swoop

      Exactly. I can’t believe they put the final version out with the S on the name.

  • Chris


  • youknooo

    never been a fan but this is dope!

  • Midwestbeast

    I am thankful for the base god presenting this rare soul tape edition/volume/chapter/series/part 2.
    I am also thankful for the white men who slaughtered all of the native Americans and enslaved my ancestors, which ultimately gave me life in America

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    we get high

  • Chris

    Thanks @ Atlantic Sea, but that’s all? Lol. Yo and how the hell did they forget Joe Budden’s name lol, I’m guessing it’s a Thanksgiving joke? I remember seeing a Slaughterhuse interview a while back and DJ Envy kept calling him Joe Budens and Joe was getting a little mad lol. He said some shit like “I’ll walk out of here” or something like that.

  • 2dopefan

    this is so smooth!! loso never disappoints!! check out logic – we get high. same beat and just as smooth.

  • Young!

    The track with Pusha is fire!!

  • K-eazy

    I have heard songs that use the “We Get High” beat and they have all been great. Sir Michael Rocks, Logic, Dee Goodz & now Fab. Great vibin beat.

  • 1hunnit

    The Life, the life.. the life is so exciting. Yup that one is a banger.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Rarely am I disappointed by a Fab tape. And this is no exception. Man, Budden came correct on that Want You Back joint

  • Some Guy

    Trash. Fab’s music caters to 16-18 year old high school kids who use the word swag and wear skinny jeans with snapbacks. *Continues to listen to Rare Chandeliers and A Loose Quarter.*

  • Pauly D

    Only track I’ve heard so far is the Louis Vuitton with Cole, but even that is smooth af. If the rest is like this, Fab gets my DL

  • RAzorrrr

    Fab fell off a while ago….but he came thru wit this one man. Not bad my brother

  • Mittta

    long time fan off Loso, always on point. He’s underrated

  • Chris

    Lmao Rare Chandeliers is garbage, better yet trash – all Action Bronson raps about is food, smoking, and doing shit that you know damn well his fat ass doesn’t do… He’s the white Rick Ross, the only reason people like him is because he sounds like Ghostface and rhymes like Raekwon.

  • adam_dz

    Fab has been rapping the same since I was in high school (1999-2000). He makes virtually the same album every few yrs to stay relevant. He’s forever going to be a mixtape rapper. The punchlines and shit was cool in like 2003. He just another Cassidy, Lloyd Banks, etc. People are gonna stay loving him but at the end of the day, what does he have to show for? A couple of moderate hits and decent guest spots.

  • Walker

    Candidate for Mixtape of the joints gotta be Louis Vuitton, Transformation, want me back. Hell every track is pretty dope. Some these tracks need to be on LW2. Gotta give it a 8.5-9/10

  • Fab!

  • DA

    I didn’t think it was possible, but this is better than the first SOUL Tape! Quality music, gotta DL it.

  • dre

    @some guy

    dont speak on all of us. 18 frsh in college.
    I came for the Cole and Pusha Feature.
    *continues to play Rare Chandeliers and Loose Quarter*

  • skrill83

    Logic killed the We Get High track a while ago…fabs version is still decent though

  • you fail

    why does it describe Fashawn’s features on the Fabolous mixtape on the front page

  • marty mcfly

    Fab smashed on Rare Chandeliers and Loose Quarter with better beats and way better lyrics. @adam_dz, its a reason why he been in the game for so long without falling off.

  • Flip

    1. The life is so exciting
    2. Guess who bizzack
    3. B.I.T.E
    4.want you back
    7.Only life i know
    9.For the love

  • Pauly D

    lol marty is an idiot. Fab had some nice production on here but are you really gonna say that the beats on this tape were better than ALL the Alchemist beats on RC? Scust.

  • marty mcfly

    Yes the Soul Tape had better beats. RC is Action Bronson’s worst project to date, its almost completely wack. His other projects are so much better then RC its almost as if this was the very first tape Action ever made in his life and he just decided to put it out for something to do. As for ALC, these are also his worst beats because you cant name anything he’s ever done that RC’s beats are better then. RC had like two good songs and the rest was just trash and thats coming from a big ALC and Action fan.

  • adolfmayne

    transformation is hard for me to listen to cuz i still listen to the jay elect 1

  • chris

    sir michel rocks rapped over we get high first, i think fab ruined a dope beat

  • wish troy ave did more than sing that bad hook