• JayJay

    It takes a real NIGGER to wear some high priced chains and earrings to hand out food to families who can't even afford to buy a turkey. Sadly, it's not shocking at all.

  • Read a book

    This dude is giving out turkeys and you still call him "shit". That's some straight hoe shit right there. The fuck yo bitch ass doing for your community right now?

  • doc rovers

    "look at me, im giving out turkeys, do they like me yet? im such a good person. make sure you get this on camera cuz thats the only way im doing this shit" - nicki
    "brrrr brrrrr ehhh ahhh cuzz blahhh marrrhhgg!!! BRRRRR!!!!" - birdman

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    This bitch spent an hour (max) posing for photos with 5 year old kids dressed like a tranny prostitute, gives a cllched 'stay in school' speech, and that's is 'giving back to the community'?

    And shame on those parents for letting their innocent kids anywhere near that slut and her music. Those poor kids posing next to her pouting & silicone cleavage.

    Real shit, AT LEAST, would be doing this with no cameras planned/publicity the same fucking week your album comes out. The whole thing is an empty gesture funded by YM purely for publicity.

    The amount YM's made of her albums (and the latest one is re-re-hashed), they could take 1% of the profits and still feed the entire city.

  • Lord Lushous

    Soooo much hatred for these people, can't anyone appreciate what they're doing instead of finding as many ways as possible to hate. I'm sure the people eating the turkeys don't care about minaj releasing an album, as long as they have something to eat on thanksgiving

  • CM

    isnt nicki from ny? why isnt she giving back to HER city?

  • @ CM

    "We all may have our own opinions on both Nicki Minaj and the artist formerly known as Birdman, but atleast today they are doing well for the community. Up top, Nicki Minaj teams up with Hot97 to give turkeys to the kids at P.S 45 in Queens. Down bottom, Baby, Slim and the Cash Money crew hand out over 2,000 birds to families in New Orleans (for the 18th year in a row)."

    ^Reading comprehension, man. Try it again.

  • smh

    @CM She is you stupid non-reading fuck nigga.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "isnt nicki from ny? why isnt she giving back to HER city?"

    queens is IN nyc bruh.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "The fuck yo bitch ass doing for your community right now?"

    we've held an annual charity bbq for haiti and other charities for the past five years.
    planning a project to be released featuring all your favorite artists, all benefits going to boys and girls, etc. c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker.

  • The Beat Knocks

    Can someone please tell me when did Shake start calling Birdman shit? What is the root of the beef?

  • Amygdala

    Tha whole-a this shit STINKS to high Heaven... if you was REALLY for the communities you'd be doing this shit with AT LEAST a SCINTILLA of muhfuckin ANONYMITY [i.e. sans cameras and fanfare]... how you gonna turn up dressed like some cheap, classless hot mess in a fuckin pink wig and expect people not to comment on how its ALL about you and you pathetic dramatics n theatrics and your pseudo, duplicitous self?! ALWAYS with the ATTENTION SEEKING whore shit... you really that fuckin egoistic and thirsty?! Fuck outta here...

    Co-sign @JayJay, @doc rovers and @TruthHurtsNigga

    '...they call it Thanksgiving, I call your Holiday Hell Day...'

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @ All you dumb ass bitches, the cameras were for HOT 97, not for Nicki, Nicki has done a lot more charitable events, then she has on camera.

  • http://breezyexcursion.com eBagatron

    A 18-year long "publicity stunt" ?? Gtfoh.

    Some of you will look for anything to hate on. You should applaud them for handing out 2k turkeys, even though I know it's hard to do when you are such a sour individual.

  • koke

    I hate Young Money but what kind of an asshole bashes people for handing out turkey. Who gives a fuck if it's for publicity? And lmao at bitch ass Shake calling Birdman Shit, what has your faggot ass done to help people?

  • Borzy

    Somebody please explain to me, do these chickens lose in taste if person who gives them out has cameras? And don't you contradict yourselves, when you say "oh this bitch should have done this and that instead" well, bitch nigga, maybe she has been doing exactly that too but anonymously, and yet you bitch about her making it known? I mean how stupid are you? And what is this weak ass talk about "oh she should have done this or that" to trivialize what she actually DID? Just be gratefull to what she did because you know what, you are not entitled to it, she didn't have to do it, so unless you gave out 3k chickens next block, shut the fuck up

  • RapPizzaNikesHomies

    To all you butthurt people talking about "oh you should be greatful for them doing this shit": Considering the shitload of money their making, THIS IS ACTUALLY THE ABSOLUTE MINIMUM OF WHAT THEY COULD HAVE DONE. So stop treating them like their Mother Teresa and see this for what it is: a fucking publicity stunt.
    I'm not saying do it without cameras because that shit can actually raise awareness n shit. But do it in a way so that people won't get the opportunity to criticize your ass. If I catch them doing this type of stuff the whole year around and in a more genuine way without all the chains and wigs and makeup and pouting and posing: hell, I'd be the last person to hate.
    But until then: The fuck outta here.

  • dcd

    so then YOU faggots start doing it and stop bitching. fuckin armchair activist motherfuckers.

  • dcd

    hypocrite ass faggots. whining about motherfuckers out there helping people when you ain't doin a god damn thing.

  • Borzy

    @rappizza what you say is disgusting. You are not entitled. Learn to say "thank you".

  • Rukstar

    Every church, community outreach and grocery store in Harlem gives out free turkey's around thanksgiving...am I supposed to be proud of these two who are only doing it for publicity? Should I hire a camera crew and a PR agency every time I donate some clothes now?

  • freetebow222

    Shake have the common decency to reframe from your personal hipster douchy ways. "Shit" wasnt necessary, I understand your old ass HATES anything affiliated with YM, but the man is doing something GREAT for those less fortunate, the least you could do is stop tryn to be the hipster punk you are. As you stated you have gave to charity, so im sure you wouldn't wanna be ridiculed for the sake of trying to appeal to the kids..YOUR TOOOO OLD FOR THAT...GROW UP!..smh

  • shiiihihihiiiiit niggaaaaaa

    actually, the absolute minimum anybody could do, both rich and poor, is type ignorance with the caps lock on. congrats bro, you got the Minimalist Achievement.