Sir Michael Rocks – Lap Of Lux 1.5 (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake November 22, 2012

On Black Friday (this Friday for the unaware), the Cool Kid is serving up a side of extras from his Lap Of Lux recording sessions. Check the cover art up top and hit the jump for the official tracklisting; which features the likes of Chuck Inglish, Cardo, Harry Fraud and more.

  • malcyvelli

    i got love for sir rocks but that last tape was ass, anybody “dope”ing this definitely is giving a charity approval cause the last shit wasnt hot

  • jumpman209

    Is he still down with Curren$y and jetlife he wasnt on jetlife 2?

  • chu the conqueror


  • Last album was good. Fuck to charity nigga!

  • Haha, lap of lux was awesome. Great beats, serious rhymes, banco banco

  • malcyvelli

    how the hell was that shit any good?it was a bunch of auto tune mess with sub par rhymes, the joint with rockie fresh was tight but other than that it wasnt on point

  • K-eazy

    He is still down with Jet Life, we just havent heard any that has come from it. On the Intro to Jet World Order 2, Roddy gives him a shoutout. Fiend wasnt on the album either. Hell, Spitta was only on 2 songs so its still jet life to the next life for the young mikey.

    • Skirk

      Fiend was on the sittin low track

  • wackness

    Why are we still asking if he’s with Jet Life? The answer is no. I remember I went to a Jet Life concert over the summer and Mikey’s set was skipped. He hasn’t been on any new Jet material, he’s not on the new album, and he’s got no Jet features on this tape.

    The answer seems pretty obvious. I guess if you’re a Jet Life dickrider and you’re asking to validate if he’s hot or not, you should move onto a new artist.

  • G.Dot

    WHAT?! Only 9 nopes, I’m surprised.

  • milly

    lmao @ niggas blaitenly hating. the dopes do speak for themselves dont they? all his tapes knock stop frontin. JLR

  • Omar Salazar

    I don’t give a fuck what anybody says, Lap of Lux was THE SHIT. Sick beats, sick rhymes, and nice featured artists. #TPC

  • gbreeze

    pretty much what that nigga said above me. fuck u haters

  • Miso


  • Real

    Real spit lap of lux was mixtape of the year fuck yall haters man, Go get some money wit yo broke ass