The Weeknd’s Trilogy Debuts #4 On Billboard

blame it on Shake November 22, 2012

Despite being compiled of three previously released free projects and a select few bonus tracks, The Weeknd still nabbed the fourth spot on the Billboard charts selling 86k. Taking to Twitter, Abel thanked his fans and revealed he’s working on the follow-up. Dope.

  • @SeanDollaMusic – Toronto is what it is. Stand up.

  • Sprosma

    If it’s triple disc, and it has 86k sold, that should be divided by 3 to get the actual number of sets sold. That’s how it works I think.

  • j

    thank drake

  • chef

    ^ right

  • REAL

    So basically he only sold 28.6 records per disc LMAO! This dude is trash to me, i understand why ppl like him, all his songs sound the exact same smh

    But don’t let my opinion get you faggots all butt hurt !

  • Good Peoples

    The Dream “1977” >>>>>> The Weeknd “Trilogy”

  • I agree good peoples but there really is no need to compare in this post lulz. Congrats to weeknd anyway you put it he still debuted at #4 off stuff he already gave out for free i repeat for free. Tbh some of the songs sounded worse too that he redid just my opinion. House of balloons in its own right is classic to me, glass table, the morning got on the ipod. Also real thats the thing about him that bothers me too but i guess its just him being him guess he will always sound like him to me thats not a bad thing but it does lessen his likely hood of getting people to always go for his music you cant eat the same food over n over n over again. Some of his videos too were really legit though so if he keeps that aspect up ill stay interested :D

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  • gg

    its one album retards. if u buy a season of a television show it comes in multiple discs and they don’t divide shit. shut the fuck up and stop blowing pages up with asinine comments.

  • Sankofa

    ^Christ, there’s hope for humanity.. one other person here isn’t a complete retard. It’s one album with three discs.. not buying three separate albums, packaged separately, with different unique UPCs. Dumbasses.

  • @ gg and Sankofa

    ^Hey retards… you’re both completely fucking wrong. Since you obviously don’t know anything at all about how soundscan works, try looking up how Speakerboxx/The Love Below was counted; I would hope that even you 2 could at least manage a simple Google search.

    Double disk = 2 discs counted
    Triple disk = 3 discs counted

    If somebody wanted to take a 12 track CD, and split it up into a 12 disc set, then every single package they sold would count as 12. It’s just the way it is. Those are the facts, and you 2 are both talking out of your ass.

    Next time, do your research before you act like a tool and you won’t look so incredibly pathetic to everybody else.

  • Respect.

  • JD

    I did have question as to weather this was considered a double album or atriple album. since it’s just 2.5 hrs of music. I can’t find the qualifying numbers for triple albums. does it have to be 3 hrs long( i know Tom Waitts released a triple YEARS ago). so idk. but respect tohe gawd Weeknd.

    Classic release (i bought it.. or them.. whatever)

  • K-Oz

    LMAO at the ignorance people are posting. The fact that the album is called the Trilogy is a dead give away that it is a triple disc set which is the combination of the 3 mix-tapes he dropped before getting universal recognition with 3 additional new tracks. But I can also understand why some would wonder if it were 3 disc or 1 or 2 disc. The fact that an album can be called Trilogy may not mean its a 3 disc set but just a title with a theoretical concept the artist wish to make through the tracks on their album. Now for the people making comments that The Weeknd’s music sounds all the same only shows you a fuckin hater that anit got nothing better to point out. Don’t hate cause this artist is consistent with his style and he has a signature sound that is not like any other artist. Sometimes consistency is good and also this is only the beginning for this artist. Just a year ago and some months he was unknown.It was just last year that he started to make moves in the mainstream. So give props to where props are due and The Weeknd has most def earn those props base on his dedication and ambition and hard work to achieve his goals. And the Trilogy album has shown the world what got him to where he is now and what he is capable of. And with that being said I wish him the best in his career and look forward to his next musical creations.

  • Red.

    why is this even an argument, and why is he even important. The Weekend cant sing. His voice is trash and his music is as well. I wish yu lovers of mediocrity would wake up….Smh…..Damm shame.

  • @Red.

    I wish dudes would wake up from their self-centerdness and realize that their opinions are only opinions and stop telling other people to wake up. fucking ignorant

  • @Red It is a FACT that he can sing, whether you like it our not is an OPINION. Justin Bieber can sing, but I hate his music. Se how that works

  • Phil Jackson

    @ “@ gg and Sankofa”
    For Neilson Soundscan triple-albums count as one.
    For RIAA (platinum, double-platinum, etc) triple-albums count as 3.
    You’re wrong. YOU do YOUR research.

  • Sarah

    #UNKLERIKOE :Everyday is a weekend for me !!!