Trinidad James: Road To Athens (Video)

blame it on Meka November 22, 2012

In this video you get a glimpse of Trinidad’s performance in Athens, GA at the venue 40 Watts, his sneaker collection at his house and what the AU Gang and Trinidad James are about.

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  • 1dopeboy

    40 Watt club*

  • jones

    Does anybody know the name of the second song in the clip above? pz

  • Truth

    @jones yeah it’s called “Nutz in Da Ass, Dick in Da Pussy” It’s a certified banger.

  • randomguy

    @jones Trinidad James – Females Welcomed Ft Reija_Lee.

  • Juskwak

    This mans marketing strategy is on another level. Dont believe me, just watch!

  • wtfsmh

    This dude is fucking trash.

  • stopit5

    This guy is living proof that its easy as hell to get into the game as a “flash in the pan” artist! Terrible or not… He has a catchy song. He has a marketable (unique/trademark) look. He also has a Motion Family directed video.. Which he spent at least 7k on. Those 3 things together = Labels running to offer a single deal! .. He’ll probably even sign a 360 for an album… Just incase he has 1 more “all gold everything” in him. He’ll perform at clubs for the next 18mnths.. His EP/Album will flop (if it comes out)… But hell make some money!!! ..and have a lot of fun doing it! 2014 will come around, and hell be the next Atlanta artist who blew up and deflated in a 2 year period. Hell put out a mixtape with DJ (whoever).. and have features from I-20, GLC, and Gorilla Zoe! But the bottom line is.. Any kid his age would take the opportunity, and you can’t knock his hustle!

    Stop it Five!

  • RassClattPussieHoleDoneStoleMeBeefPattyDem

    Great insight stopit5! Once that is understood; it is hard to hate!

  • 2ManyChainzClonez

  • Chawn


  • good video, i liked it

  • it was ok to me.