• flo

    id slap the shit out of you shake for calling canada, "canada land" all the god damn time. homo

  • KING

    Wait a minute. What the fuck is with the 27 Nopes? Kristoff Krane is probably one of the best lyricists in the world today. You people disgust me.

  • http://2dopeboyz.com RickyPeterson

    Wow, more nopes than dopes, clearly you people have a lack of understanding of Kristoffs art, well that'd be my guess, and "flo" why the fuck do you care about someone calling canada land, thats like somebody calling the USA, USA land, and me getting my overzealous panties in a bunch.

  • Deemuss

    You nopers are clueless for real.

  • http://jonathantramp.com Jonathan Tramp

    Man, all them nopers probably think his ensemble is serious. Little do they know, this dude also plays guitar and sings, and can hang with some of the best choppers/freestylers. Do yerr thang booboo.

  • Joseph Cardella

    LOL Chris you're great keep rocking boo boo!

  • fuck party rap

    Nopers probably got offended by the lyrics and went to vote for the Jeezy or lil Wayne video. Kristoff killed it, hilarious video.

  • http://www.kristoffkrane.com Kristoff

    Thank you all for the support. And Yes I do agree with everyone. Yes, it's a "stupid" video, but it's suppose to be b/c it's commentary on "stupid" states of mind. Once we get beyond that, it's just art. But for the one's on the fence, check out my other work before you put me in your boxes. Respect, -K Krane.