Nacho Picasso – Black Narcissus (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake November 23, 2012

Another artist I was introduced to while on tour with CunninLynguists, Tonedeff and Sadistik was Nacho Picasso. I’d heard the name before and we even posted one of his older videos but I never took the time to actually dive into his musical outings. Ironically enough, on the day after I return home, the Seattle artist drops off a new project (for the free). Hit the jump to stream/download.

DOWNLOAD: Nacho Picasso – Black Narcissus (Mixtape)

  • Sam Flow

    sounds terrible!

  • fuckit


  • killaSam

    thanxs. Nacho is very particular, sometimes sound crap, sometimes very good. So i hope this one is a good Nacho one.

  • BurntCrow

    I like this. “Cover me in gold” is tight.

  • killaSam

    ^^ i came back to say the same thing: Cover Me In Gold is really good.

  • neversunny


  • Bill Clinton

    Both Rat Race’s is my shit!

  • ewwt

    lol he a hater cause you dont agree with him? thats intolerance is the biggest hater trait of all. niggas can have their opinions, and i agree this is terrble

  • Your Average Jet

    This is cool. Check out Nacho’s other shit on his bandcamp

  • seattleskid



  • fsdfsadf

    dude has created a flow and feel that nobody else has ever done, nor can anyone imitate

    truly unique

  • nwkultra

    American Literature, Galactic, Dean Martin, Master Shredder, and Rat Race are the standouts…. fuck they are all so good im faded as fuck gonna look up this dudes other stuff

  • nickd

    Nacho is on the comeup. Its nice to see that 2db is posting his stuff

  • ianism

    didn’t know he was doing stuff without BSBD. cool. might not be my kinda thing, but i’ll check it out. he deserves at least that

  • throwbows

    saw this dude at an outdoor concert in Seattle over the summer. he drew a pretty big crowd and people were goin buck for the most part. seems like people in Seattle know him but not much outside the town. BSBD is a big draw for a national audience.

    listened to his stuff after seeing him this summer and it’s all very coherent, solid theme throughout each of the projects. Even this project as a mixtape does not feel disjointed at all, feels like a project that was very thought out. American Literature, Galactic, and master shredder are nuts

  • Can anyone else catch the Biterade going on here? Radrr Van Was da 1st Black Narcissus.. Bitew Bite, Let it on out, We be the cats that all yall be talkin about come on. I am talkin to you younging. Come on. I be del Flow Sheft.

  • david

    ”dude has created a flow and feel that nobody else has ever done, nor can anyone imitate” The only thing more pathetic than this project is your comment, all these comments about how great this mixtape is tells me that either you all have no taste in music or Nacho and his friends are writing loads of positive comments to sway people’s opinions

  • stoned111

    fuckk all you haters no1 gives a shit about your opinion..i found out about this dude like last year and i got everyone in my town on this shit…im in cali! nachos on the comeup just wait n see…and when he makes it stay the fuck off his bandwagon

  • pete206

    i’ll admit it isnt nacho’s best, but all his stuff with blue sky black death is on point. check out his earlier projects — exalted, lord of the fly, for the glory