R. Kelly: Trapped In The Closet: The Saga Continues (Video)

R. Kelly premiered the latest chapter in his Trapped In The Closet series tonight and here is the continuation of the story which aired moments ago on IFC.

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  • Brickadon

    when i clicked play and saw it was 41 minutes i realized that this man r. kelly is fucking nuts.

  • 2412

    Haha YES Kells back baby

  • j

    needs to write a letter and come out like mr ocean

  • S

    Was the last chapter aired the one with Twan & Sylvester getting chased? Or is the video posted incomplete? Seems like it is...

  • Yoki

    Hahah nice

  • Micki

    what do you need to be able to watch this video??

  • pcik

    faggot ass nigga

  • Stutheguru

    @micki "what do you need to be able to watch this video??" A boring ass life!

  • Bimmy

    I used to love R Kelly until i found out he was a pedophile and then i stopped listening to him.

  • ajvlaney

    @Bimmy How does that change how good his music is and why you should stop listening to him. It's not like he's a constant pedophile that won't quit.

  • Scrouge McFuck

    "It’s not like he’s a constant pedophile that won’t quit"

    That is how you defend a man?

  • check

    This shit became redundant after four, five tracks..

  • Carimbo

    it was nice & funny... btw Bimmy the guy is not a pedo, he just happen to have sex with a minor... if you watch the video you would see she doesnt look underage. i would have banger he too....

  • Maga D

    "WIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHH CHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCK, where are you Chuck?" This had me rollin haha. I appreciate the work Kells puts in the music, but this shit's too much kid, I'm not even bout to sit through 40 minutes of this.

  • shiiihihihiiiiit niggaaaaaa

    "I used to love R Kelly until i found out he was a pedophile and then i stopped listening to him."
    so the personal life of an artist is what keeps you from listening to something?
    bro, if only you knew what all of your favorite artists did, you would system 32 your entire computer right now

  • brooks

    Honesty after the the first 12, it just became pure comedy. I do commend Kels for his commitment though lol


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