Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire (Album Stream)

Stream the new album in it's entirety down bottom. November 27th is the date. Shouts to Complex.

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  • who cares

    Gonna have to give this a listen tomorrow

  • ans

    Besides Fire We Make, this album is terrible. Vapid lyrics, unoriginal sounds.

  • qtslim3000

    i love it. alicia keys a bad bitch.

  • Good Peaoples

    ANy album that Streams means its not gonna sell and is doing bad! LMAO

    But im glad b/c i hate the new Alicia Keys, she changed to fit in with pop culture but it ain't working for her :)

  • The Truth

    Incredible album!

  • REAL

    This album was HORRIBLE, i see why the label gave it away for free... i miss the old Alicia

  • shiiihihihiiiiit niggaaaaaa

    "she changed to fit in with pop culture but it ain’t working for her"
    anybody who says unsubstantial shit like this or that she sold her soul automatically gets their comment voided. where is your undeniable proof that an artist has changed at all? unless you can show that the artist admits to change for anybody but her fans, you get the hater label.
    btw, i'm actually listening to this album right now and the shit is banging. Track 4 and this is already a better project then Kdot's debut

  • JAY

    @shiiihihihiiiiit niggaaaaaa Please shut yo faggot ass up!

  • JAY

    why do ppl have to use such big words. i can't fucking read your shit

  • JAY

    ^^^^^ Everybody know that you are a fake me you faggot ass boy LMAO nice try tho!

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Great album. I just lost a little respect for her for fucking with the corniest man in hip hop.


  • KickinFetuses

    I just can't w/this lp. Will download that song with Maxwell for sure.

  • Gee

    Not feeling this album!

  • Psi Lie

    She's on fire cuz Swizz cheated and gave her chlamydia?

  • blima

    listen to the album before you start criticizing!!


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