Jerreau (of Fly.Union) – Just Like You

Jerreau dropped this track in celebration of his birthday today.

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  • kayo

    Dooooope. I need some new Fly U in my life like yesterday.

  • whoknan

    Soooo dope, I fucks with fly.union

  • IVO

    the beat is crazy!!!

  • Rekz

    Why won't he just go solo already he the only one that can spit

  • LALowkey


  • jb

    cosign on LALowkey

  • jessfreshkicks

    @LALowkey the explicit mixtape has been out

  • Loworm

    This was on that 'brons mixtape. Anyone notice the beat sort of sounds like "lemonade", or is it just me?

  • wow, killin it with the Toro Y Moi sample. creative reinvention

  • LALowkey

    @jessfreshkicks I tried that link but I think I couldnt get the link to work or some shit.