Le$ – The Struggle Continues (Mixtape)

blame it on Miss_Peas November 24, 2012

Features include Slim Thug, Gangsta Boo, Mookie Jones, Mr. Rogers, J. Jones, DSF and more. Tracklist/stream/download link after the jump.

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  • T-Dubb

    this fool has to be a real idiot to put the Confederate flag on the cover of his mixtape

  • Crazy

    This might be some of his best work yet

  • seneghoul

    @T-Dubb +1

    if people think its ok to flip the n word then of course they wont have a problem with flipping the confederate flag.

  • The n word should never be used like that

  • Black London

    Co-Sign T-Dubb

    Co-Sign T-Dubb

    Co-Sign T-Dubb

    Yep 3 times ^

  • Dontbestupid

    I mean it makes sense to me…struggle…south…confederate flag….y’all stupid if u don’t get that

  • Jonesy Stark

    @Dontbestupid, folk you right. I was just explaining to my dude that if you ain’t from around this way you may not understand a few things (namely that that flag is the Confederate Navel Flag for starters…) and if you don’t get the symbolism of it being used on a project titled this you need to step your brain up. Smart dumb niggas…

  • This dude is soooo slept on #BHO

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • fuckdurmom

    I dont give a flying fuck what bullshit ass excuse you try to use. Any dumb ass who “rocks” the confederate flag is a fucking moron, especially if your skin tone is of the brown hue. The Confederate Flag stands for the old south that was “pro slavery” plain and simple. I dont care about any fucking contrived symbolism. Shit is wrong.

  • fuckdurmom is a sensitive idiot that doesnt understand much apparently…..simple puss

  • Myke Man

    The confederate flag is big in the south but he is using it as a symbol as the struggle continues.Thats how the south is even though slavery is over its still a struggle for blacks and browns to get ahead and thats what the purpose of the flag is for him.If you never lived in the south you dont understand his meaning behind that.The only difference between the South and everywhere else is that in the South they will call you a Nigga to your face everywhere else they will make you ACT like a nigga.Thats not the point though Le$ music is always dope,beats,flow all that been a fan for a minute now and he continues to push out good music.

  • jgonzalez713

    Dope ass mixtape #bho h-town stand up!! I need a chopped and screwed version hopefully soon Mr.Rogers style #texastrill

  • justenjoythisshit

    never heard of him before, damn this is a great surprise

  • Aye

    This is an amazing tape, le$ is a great artist mad props and true hip hop