Prolific Unknowns - #50statekidz (Video)

Prolific Unknowns is a one-two combo comprised of Hawaiʻi's own K-Luv & Big Mox which sees the two rocking over Jay Electronica's Shiny Suit Theory (Pete Rock also used the same sample for I Got the Love). Featured on The Proflific Tape: Side A which you can grab for free down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Prolific Unknowns - The Prolific Tape: Side A
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  • Thinker

    so what were these guys even talking about?

  • notrakeemsmith

    "Namedrop, namedrop, something that rhymes."

    That's all I heard.

    Good luck in the future tho!

  • UnTropical

    Bout time some polys showed up on the internet. To many usos going local 'cause they to stupid to use a computer. Good lookin' uce blow up big.


Fayn - "Allapattah"

Produced by Marcus Banks.

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