Saturday Night Sexy: Amazin Amie

blame it on Illy November 24, 2012

Twitter: @AmazinAmie

Amie, best known as, Amazin Amie, is a German model/video vixen who has appeared in a number of music videos including John Legend’s “Heaven” and Rick Ross’ “Yacht Club (rmx)” as well as a ton of model publications from SHOW, Smooth, Black Men SSX to XXL. Talk about German engineering. Hit the jump for more Amie.

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  • who cares

    She’s hot, but looks overly photoshopped in some of those pics.

  • I Endorse This Message

    I don’t know if she has any black in her… but, if she doesn’t, I’m willing to offer 10 inches.

  • KING


  • BazookaJoe

    Coco #2

  • disdatfiya

    got an ass for DAYS

  • Midas

    “Anything that I’ve seen in a porno or read about, I’ve done already” *PAUSE*

    Fucking Germany!

  • mineisbigger

    got a little chubby looking at these

  • Jus Sayin

    This bitch looks like a tranny…PASS

  • Ratedeezbroads

    Photoshopped out the ass, but… she could still get it.. 7/10.

  • Riley

    i’ll pass, she has the jaw of a boxer (wouldn’t be surprised if she was a dude)

  • chiefqueef

    butt implants.

  • Tekwon


  • CABNumber

    If this is what Hitler envisioned I’m willing to endorse.

  • Ry

    how come you only post girls that look like trannies

  • hahaha

    If you think she looks like a tranny, you must be gay.

  • Grandpa Bitchez

    I can’t believe so many dudes gave this tranny bitch a dope…too many fags on this site


    I love my black & brown women but DAYUMM…you would have to have some SERIOUS will power or homosexual tendencies to resist this chick if she chose you…I don’t care how many of you horny muthafuckas are callin tranny

    She looks like a good lay…Black Man’s Kryptonite in the flesh

  • DJ Dilz

    Sheeeeeyit, those some hamhocks.

  • Aye

    Somethin tells me chick has a bad ass attitude. Sad 90% of these “bad bitches” are straight materialistic stuck up attention/money diggers. If only the inside was as beautiful as the outside. Half of them trying to be straight ghetto and “in the trap” gtfo. Lookin stupid as fuck. Learn to be a decent human being bitch. Those looks arent all the world is about and they won’t last forever. Sigh. Rant over Lol. Just bein real

  • Jonesy Stark

    Yup, she bad

  • LAW

    She shut it down with that last pic! Amie is sexy, why hate?

  • Aye

    And my rant wasn’t directed at this chick just those chicks like that in general. * takes a bow *

  • KickinFetuses

    Is it too much to ask for a SS Man post? Like just 1, he aint got 2b nekkid. Lets work on this…

  • Rafae Sheikh

    BAD. That is all.


  • Knick_City_Kid

    I would love to see this bitch in a porno.. some dudes are weirdos/homos knock it off with the tranny talk..

  • Juicy-G