Thoughts On Joe Budden’s ‘A Loose Quarter’ & Fabolous’ ‘Soul Tape 2’?

blame it on Shake November 24, 2012

Just as we did with Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city, we’re giving the dopeboyz/girlz a chance to air their thoughts on Joey and Loso’s most recent projects, A Loose Quarter and The S.O.U.L. Tape 2. Hit the jump to rate and the c-section to let us know what y’all think. Favorite tracks? Best guest feature? Suggestions? Let’s go…

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  • chuck

    havent listened to fabs new offering but i like a loose quarter. what yall want is probably my favorite track.

    certainly not joeys best mixtape release, but its not his worst either. middle of the pack.

  • a loose soul

    budden is an absolute beast, he needs to stay on his own path an forget the slaughterhouse shit, that mamma track is deep as hell and its nice to see an artist that wears his heart on his sleeve!

  • 2dopefan

    ALQ was dope but that Soul Tape 2 was crazy smooth from top to bottom. AraabMuzik did his thing on both joints!

  • @chuck
    i agree, “what yall want” is my favorite track as well.

  • MacheteJoJo

    haven’t listened to Fabs tape (not a big fan) but A Loose Quarter is pretty dope…my fav tracks are Off 2 The Races, All In My Head & More Of Me. I really like More Of Me cause its an extension of All Of Me which is one of my fav Budden tracks…all da features did they’re thing

  • yabba dabba

    what is buddens best mixtape?

  • who cares

    Still haven’t got around to listening to ALQ.
    Haven’t listened to Fab’s because dude is garbage.

  • GeeZuP

    Joey’s did his thang once again on ALQ not his best tape but a real solid project. My favorite tracks are What ya’ll Want, So Hard, and Pain Won’t Stop. I listened to Fab’s tape the beats are smooth as hell which we can all agree on but Fab IMO is a really boring monotone rapper and the beats woulda served better if somebody else was spitting over them so I would pass on Soul Tape 2 and recommend A Loose Quarter

  • Pyro

    A Loose Quarter > Welcome to our house

  • Idk


  • $$$

    Fab was dope. Joe needs better hooks/production on the majority of the tape. Both are great, great rappers though.

  • BKLYN Kid

    Both tapes will close out this year nicely… 2 of the better overall projects to come out this year. Favorite tracks on ALQ: What Y’all Want, Cut From A Different Cloth, Momma Said & Pain Won’t Stop.

    Favorite joints off Soul Tape 2: Diamonds, Beauty, Life Is So Exciting & We Get High.

    But both are great mixtapes both musically and lyrically. Good enough quality that I would have easily paid out money for these… they were worth it.

  • marty mcfly

    Loose Quarter is too R&Bish at times and 95% of the whole tape has the same kinda feel and tempo. Not to mention Joe Boredom always does what he does best which is set that depressing mood and put all the chicks he fucks with on blast. How awkward it must’ve been in the studio for his new girl to hear him rapping about how she was molested and has issues now along with hm rapping about how much he obsesses over Tihary and Esther. Then of course he gonna talk about how he hates everything about the game and everything else smh. Idk man, on one hand its good to put your real life in the music but with Joe alot of times it comes across as weird and whiny and over emotional. Him and Fab use the same perspective with everything but with fab its not just all some angry sensitive sounding shit. Fab puts alot of game in his shit and he had better beats overall. So imo Soul Tape > Loose Quarter. And I disagree with @ a loose soul, Joe need to get back with Slaughter and this time make it all battle raps since they’ve proved they can make a well rounded album full of songs with subjects. I guess the Slaughter fans would rather a album full of just bars about whatever so make that instead of another depressing Joe Boredom project.

  • poetic assasin

    @ yabba dabba -most people would say MM2 – MM4 is my fav.

    this is what I wrote at the end of my Budden review I did for a magazine.

    “Overall A Loose Quarter is nowhere near his Mood Muzik tapes, which may or may not be a bad thing. I take it as his first effort in being the new Joe Budden and we will see a much stronger version when he releases his album in January. I struggled at times looking for something positive to say about songs that were average, and that was it, a lot of the songs were just average. It took too long for a standout song to arrive, and it was missing his dependable punchlines/quotables, his wittiness, and songs that make you say “this is why no one can mess with this dude.” The songs that do work though definitely shows potential on how successful this new version of himself can be if his current and new fans gravitate toward it.”

    “Pain Won’t Stop” is an incredible song – it wasn’t until “All in My Head” where I was like “Joe is Spittin!” –

    Fab came through on the Soul Tape, and i’m always iffy going into listening to a Fab tape – the beats could have been more “soul” but the tape is solid – “Beauty” is a definite hit IMO.

    I’m a huuuuuuuge Budden fan, but that definitely isn’t the mixtape of the year, especially with Fab coming through with the oozie in the army jacket lining.

  • poetic assasin

    definitely feelin what u said mcfly – hit it right on the head — it’s like Budden forgot how to be creative with his music — no “3 sides to a story” or “exxes” — I said to myself “is he really doing a whole song about tahiry?” move on man – even if she didn’t her media outlet isn’t as big as yours so it makes it look like you are the bitter one, not her.

  • Gunz

    tbh was real dissapointed in Joey’s tape expected a lot more – been real dissapointed in the slaughter lately

    Thought Loso was on point wit that soul tape- think he should stay in that lane it fits him
    maybe drop a album like that- Out of all the tapes to come out bronson,french, b.o.b,budden thought losos was the best was expecting more out of that bronson-
    Hopefully the PLK can deliver wit that Gangsta Grillz

  • tray

    why would joe pic that beat for Now or Never? shit sounds just like Put it on me (2000? Ja?). Besides that both mixtapes jam.

  • 2412

    Im feeling Fab’s tape more.

  • Paperboy

    Joe Budden is soo whiny. for the first 3 songs of the tape I was feeling the vibe but by the end of it i was feeling like he put the same song on there 4 times.

    Im not up on his whole relationship status or whatever, but does this guy talk about anything besides his old GF’s?? Like jeez. Idk if yall were listening but dude is like extra depressed about this shit. He sounds like hes tryna rap the bars that Drake sings smh.

    AB SOUL FEATURE SAVED THE TAPE. AB AND “Tsu-Surf” had the illest verses on the tape.

    Kinda disappointed with Soul Tape 2. the features made it interesting but wasnt that soulful. Thought fab was gonna come harder. I swear when these dudes get money they really use the hunger that makes music interesting

  • Ermac

    Damn a lot of these clowns are hating on Joe Budden in this c section ALQ is dope and is Joe in raw form niggas complaining about his content and what he raps about at this point in his career are fucking stupid

  • Jay

    I really feel like people force themselves to be on fabs dick…I think he fell off a while ago he has pretty simple rhyme schemes. Budden is an MC with much more intricate lyrics…although this is the best fab project in a minute he’s not half the MC joe is….Its just the truth like Joe aint half the mc elzhi is lol just comparisons dawg

  • poetic assasin

    I never understand why people always say that you are hating on something when constructive criticism is given, you are a fan and wish something could be different, or simply just don’t like it. Joe budden posts always get the most love on this site – the question was who had the better tape – you state that Budden has more intricate lyrics – agreed, as Budden is my fav rapper, but you can’t tell me that those intricate lyrics were present on this tape, because they weren’t – I didn’t like that fab’s tape wasn’t completely “soul” but track for track the music was better, and he was rapping better than Budden ON THIS TAPE. Why does it have to be on someone’s dick? You like everything your fav rapper has ever put out?

    oh – Lyric wise, Budden will run laps around Fab, but Budden definitely can’t touch Fab with the rhyme schemes, Budden has never been that type of rapper, Fab has always been known for his rhyme schemes.

  • MistahFab

    Joe Budden should just form another group with Emanny. Slaughterhouse for the rap and Emanny for the panty creamers.

  • poetic assasin

    ^^^ he is in a group with Emanny smh, named SLV – they just don’t take it seriously – and even with that the tracks are still good.

  • i cant speak on joe’s tape cause i dont listen 2 his music anymore, outside of SH. i was disappointed with fab’s tap cause i was looking forward 2 it since it was announced but it wasnt really that good. he sounded like he took his lazy rhyme patterns from TINC3 to this tape. the production really wasnt there (that beat that he got from hit boy would have fit perfect so would SO N.Y.) SOUL TAPE 2 doesnt compare 2 the first 1.

  • tape*

  • six

    soul tape 2 was trash..especially after part 1 was so good…really disappointed in this mixtape..features were garbage and the beat selection..like wtf..wheres the soul beats..and the worst thing about it is every song is about bitches..this nigga soft..im not listening to mixtapes to hear 12 songs about chicks

  • Wiff!

    i can’t speak on buddens tape as I can’t take his depression raps anymore… but the homie who’s a Loso stan made me listen to the soul tape and holy shit those beats are wack… every last one. why would you use beats that sound at home in 2003?…. I’m not expecting him to jump on rza shit or nothing but damn that was horrific. best advice I could give him is have aarabmuzik produce your next project in entirety… the streets don’t respect you no more family.

  • @marty. its not like this guy doesn’t document everything he does. so no, it wasn’t awkward to watch. I don’t think its about obsessing cause he talks about them in a song. tahiry and esther are still relevant because his relationships with them still have repercussions.

    personally i think this tape is joey going in a direction which he helped pioneer, but has since been blown up by cats like drake.

    also where it comes to slaughter, i think its given them enough creative propulsion to create some dope solo joints. then after a round, they should go back and do another one

  • Mouse

    Alq had no walk with me’s or black clouds but overall the tape was better than anything ive downloaded in a min; last solid mixtape was probably logic anthm badass Connor and that Lana del ray big mash up.

    As far as the new fab, for the love is the best song…the wolves in sheep clothing of st2…soul tape? Scoop bilal bj the kid Robert glasper or someone dope to sing rather than rap better than u..(cole wale)



    Man if ur saying Joe’s rhyme schemes weren’t here and lyrics weren’t there you need to listen harder lyrically this is the best he’s ever been he experiments with new flows n shit now…though dope his punchlines were simpler back then. This might be his worst tape musically but lyrically he’s in tip top shape

  • 2dope4nope

    The Soul Tape 2 > A Loose Quarter though JB’s tape is dope but Loso damn too smooth for the soul no skits just straight knockin tracks IMO.

  • NYdreams

    i aint listen to neither of these yet… had a busy week… i might end up listening to both 2nite tho…

    i heard m3 songs of the soul tape tho… off those 3 songs alone.. i can easily tell that it isnt better than the first soul tape… but i might be wrong..

  • marty mcfly

    @tirPAUD, Joe has been delivering the same song for the last ten years. You know what his songs are gonna be like before you even hear them and at this point its just wack. He does obsess over anything that sounds depressing or comes across as dark and emotional. Alot of these rich rap niggas try to come up with the most depressing sounding shit so they can try and sound relatable but Joe been beating that dead horse for the last ten years. He didnt pioneer that lane, it just seems like it cause he cant make anything else but those kind of songs. And for people complaining about the Soul Tapes beats? You know just because he doesn’t use the same sample techniques as 9th Wonder doesn’t mean the tape was lacking in soul music. GTFOH

  • Rap

    Both of them kinda sucked. Neither lasted more than a day for me. Literally every single song from either tape has been deleted from my computer by now.

    Weak beats, and boring bars from both of them.

  • marty mcfly

    Soul Tape aint the best mixtape this year but its definitely better then 90% of these rappers tapes thats for sure. I dont even know why people are making mixtapes if they just gonna be a bunch of songs with no point or direction. Mickey MouSe = best tape this year imo.

  • mR

    Soul Tape for sure. Fab definitely delivered.

  • This is the only cite that is throwin salt on ALQ.smh…must be a bunch of peeps that never went through life or something cuz Joey kept it real and lyrical…ALQ is thee best tape of the year.

  • marty mcfly

    almost every album in hip hop has subject matter on it somewhere that expresses some level of struggle on it but its about having a balance, not just riding the struggle raps for damn near a whole project. And correction its not mouSe, its spelled Mickey MauSe and its way better then ALQ on all levels.

  • Da

    They are both in their lane on each. I’m a fan of the more soulful sampling with the one liners, so Fab gets my vote if I had to choose, but ALQ is not to be slept on!

  • chuck

    @ whoever asked

    MM3 is my favorite. Most people think MM2 is the best. Theyre all good.

  • Both of these artists are prime examples of rappers whose quality of music keeps them relevant

  • JR

    Doesn’t Joe Buttons know that Tihary is smith’s piece now?

  • krow132

    I’ve scanned through Joe Budden’s album so can’t give it a serious critique yet. But one thing I can say is that, Joe Budden always speaks on his life and relationships candidly. The only difference is that now we all know who he was talking about as oppose to the mood muzik days where most of the people he was referencing had no face to us.

    As for the Fabolous tape, i really dont understand how anyone here can say the production on the tape was bad, The production was really the best part of the tape. All the beats were amazing, and all were soul samples. Fab rhymed pretty well on him but His rhymes were sharper on Soul Tape 1. And I read a comment just now when someone said that fab’s tape was only talking about bitches which shows that most of yall really don’t listen to lyrics. Most of the tape subject matter was A) Hustling B) Failed friendships due to money and success C) Women (n failed relationships) which is the same subject matter of the 1st one. Overall a good tape, not better than the 1st

  • G

    fabs tape would be better if his hooks didnt ruin every song

  • Chris

    Honestly Joe Budden is too Emo for me, I like listening to Rap that can get me hype but also has substance & while Joe has substance he makes music that makes you think he’s always in a bad mood. I give A Loose Quarter 3.5/5 & The S.O.U.L. Tape 2 4/5. I appreciate free music just as much as the next guy but just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s good.

  • Adeezydadon

    Ab souls verse is weak, Surf was aight but should of came harder. Joey kills everything he’s on man with the way he combines his words. Royce was tough too all around decent but the sex songs are skip worthy. He sets a mood then sets a diff one its going in to diff directions.