• Jet

    Who did the remix to the bitch don't kill my vibe playing in the back?

  • Good Peoples

    Pusha T >>>>>> Kendrick

    I don't wanna hurt a lot of K.dot groupies feelings but thats my opinion

    • Trill O’Reilly

      Lol These Kendrick dickriders are gonna attack you.

  • Jordan

    "Kendrick Lamar, Kid Ink & Pusha T Perform At Black Friday Festival In Florida"

    -Which one doesn't belong?

  • EyeControl

    Kid Ink >>>>>>> Kendrick

    bring on the hate... motha fuckas.

  • joeyEl


    Kendrick Lamar. He's obviously not as talented as the other two, based on his voice and delivery. I have no idea where all this buzz is coming from? what am i missing here?

  • Omar


    In comparison to what? Kid ink? Clean out your fucking ears.