50 Cent – My Life f. Eminem & Adam Levine (prod. Symbolyc One)

blame it on Meka November 26, 2012

The trailer dropped late last night, now here goes the explicit/CDQ version of Curtis’ collabo with his Shady boss and the Maroon 5 frontman.

  • Bimmy

    Dope and it sounds like 50 has a better verse than Em for once.

    People who like listening to recycled beats with the same features and fairy tales ain’t gonna like this

  • chuck

    better than i expected

  • will

    whats with the crappy bleeps, sounds like it is just pausing the song and skipping ahead, really hard to listen to. waiting for the CDQ to judge.

  • mcnab

    although, whatsup with Em talking so fast recently? Cover for low quality lyrics perhaps?!?!?!

  • Real Talk

    Em sounds like he’s yelling again.

  • asfdsgsa

    I expected this to be like Doctor, or that track Eminem did with Rihanna, but Adam Levine always provides flavor to these tracks.

  • imjussayin

    why is he rhyming like Slim The Mobster

  • KEEF

    this is just the worst thing ever hahahaha

  • LexiCon

    Marshall, chill out, dude! You sound like a rottweiler on the leash!

  • It’s funny to see the ppl who were tlkn bad abt it, frm the trailer, saying how BAD it’s gonna sound SOOOO similar to Slaughterhouse’s single featuring Cee-Lo, AREN’T saying anything abt it, YET. IMHO, it’s great internationally, it has that sound, like “Ayo Technology”, just more grounded and raw sounding. To furthermore, give it a “Hip-Hop”/Pop sound to it. 4/5

  • Shy

    No thanks.

  • FuckMEIHateThisShit

    We no longer need either of these artists. They refuse to evolve. Im no longer an Eminem Stan

  • DX

    Yeah all of the screaming/yelling took away from Em’s verse but Em will rap circles around Fif in his sleep so don’t even go there. It’s a decent track I think I was feeling the drums more than anything else tho.

  • Professor Oak


  • rfkkkr

    Hes Back, This is the knockout blow to the rick ross stans lol.

  • Riley

    its a cool, for Radio single which get airtime. wasnt expecting a gritty raw hype kind of track like Don’t Push Me or You Don’t Know for a single off his album

  • Ink

    I could get this shit from B.o.B. Not at all what I’m looking for from these guys, although its what I’ve come to expect from Em.

  • Stan

    The track was produced 2 years ago. I think it will do well. Now where’s the 50 x Kendrick x Eminem produced by Dre track?

  • who cares


  • This Is Raw, Fuck Yall Talking Bout? Do You Hear ANY Songs On The Radio Like This??? Didn’t Think So..STFU
    -Paint The Sky,Blew!!!

  • You know shit’s weak when Kirko Bangz and French Montana (with Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz) both put out better songs than this. I knew exactly what this would be from the moment it was announced. I had no hopes whatsoever. He should have learned after doing “New Day”. When he dropped “First Date” I was pleasantly surprised. He needs to do an album more in that direction. Also, remember “Street King Energy Track #8”? That is the best song 50 has had since “In Tha Club”. I need more of that.

    I hate Frenchie. Passionately. I plan on burning all his Versace. But I just wanted to state a fact.

  • shiiihihihiiiiit niggaaaaaa

    “Em sounds like he’s yelling again.”

    ok? so? pussy boy turns fetal when things get loud.
    anyway, nobody really stood out here. 50 never getting back to where he was. And Adam Levine could’ve been switched out for Cee-Lo because thats what im hearing on here

  • AK

    this shit is dope as fuck now that i am hearing the explicit version.

  • Flight School

    They should have called this “My Life Pt. 2” and made it an official sequel to the Slaughterhouse song. It sounds just like it anyway; I guess they could make it a whole Interscope theme thing, with Kendrick and Dr. Dre + John Mayer or some shit for part 3.

  • kenzo

    …these drums again. sigh.

  • I thought it was straight. Nothing amazing. But good for what it was.

  • Pitifully Piss Poor

    WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Muhfuckaz NEED/MUST STOP liftin the break from Synthetic Substitution… I’m so tired of hearin it [POORLY] recycled to fuck: again and again and again and again ad infinitum… it’s been whored out and bitten ENOUGH! For fuck sake! ‘Symbolyc One’ needs one catabolyc slap; swiftly… This muhfuckin fool needs to get some originality of his own or AT LEAST flip the shit with an iota of flava…

    …an’ @DX if you like ‘the drums’ go listen to Tony Starks over it or O.P.P…. when/where it was actually done some justice/done right… fuck’s wrong with these fools?! #getamusical/historicaleducation…


    Co-sign @Shy, @KEEF, @Professor Oak, @FuckMEIHateThisShit and @who cares.

  • Calm down yawl. It’s 1 track. Yawl’s A.D.D. asses will forget about it directly after posting and love the next shit on the list without a thought. Nothing surprising to me. It’s good for what it is. Nothing more and nothing less.

  • markaveli

    lol…they used to be 2 of my faves….smh.

  • yooo

    Damn 50 didnt do that bad at all expecting worse but got a decent track!!hook is made for the radio lol they pulling out flo rida type shit or even that luda shit lol they kno nicki is doing well with pop radio singles so thats what they gonna fallow coz adam is like number one pop star right now and hes white so thats a plus and then u have eminem and when ever u put eminem on the track u kno he will make u money !!!! and 50 is desperet for radio play coz them djs are tired of playing hes records coz he doesnt have anyhits or radio material hits lol anyways i wonder if banks is in the video coz he flew over there and was on the set but my real question is did banks fly there to do a song with em coz banks is dropping 2 mixtapes so we will see!!!!

  • What’s the point of Adam Levine if he’s gonna his best Eminem hook voice?

  • Kanye East

    Levine is garbage. Over hyped piece of shit.

  • Jib

    Song sucks. Eminent should have done it without those two garbage entertainers. I’m giving them too much credit, those two people

  • Jib

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  • Vice Lord Viet Cong

    @Jib Ooooooooooooooo-kaaaaaay then?!?! Thanks for sharin that… sounds like someone’s been brainwashed into obsequiousness… cus we ALL know the United States war machine has NEVER terrorized ANYONE or KNOWINGLY participated in illegal activities such as ILLEGAL WARS with people in the immediate vicinity thinking ‘it’s cool’?! Nooooo never… being a self-dick-riding, chauvinistic, credulous, testosterone-driven puppet with some camo body armor and a rifle doesn’t make you ‘the shit’ or ‘hard’ EITHER… fool…

    Your own lack of foresight and credulity is both insolent and ironic in that you highlighted OTHER PEOPLE’S lack of education, wealth and ignorance lmao… after all, I can most definitely tell that YOU have a degree in Urban Anthropology… now now, go back to doin as you were told like a good girl… *Head pat for the #ObedientDunce*