• americanman

    this guy is worse than dj khaled what is it with these arabs and features

  • Big Cen

    Its obvious now Diddy got lucky w/Big and The Locks, Every other act has been a wack talentless popularity contest winner. WHHAACCKK! Hip Hop back on Life support.

  • Ace

    To re-iterate what Big Cen said.....

    In this song : "niggas from the side watchin...got 100 grand in my side pocket.."

    In "Hatin on a youngin" off of Mac & Cheese 3, the same mixtapes: "niggas hatin from the side watchin...got 40 grand in my side pocket."


  • Ace

    Same mixtape******

    But yeah.....these are the rappers that get deals yall

  • haaan

    folarin in the back

  • http://soundcloud.com/djlankywhite/bombs-over-b-o-b DJ Lanky White

    Song is pretty shitty but the hook is hilarious

    Told that bitch give me head...OCHO CINCO!

  • http://thenewallante.com allanté, the new one

    this shit go hard!!! that whole mac and cheese go hard.

  • Wu Tang

    and this nigga dissing 50 Cent ? damn smfh