J Dilla’s Donuts to Be Re-Released As 45 Box Set

blame it on Illy November 26, 2012

Shortly before the passing of J Dilla back in 2006, the legendary hip-hop producer released his final instrumental album, Donuts, his 32nd birthday. Seven years later, Stones Throw Records have announced the re-release of the album as a box set of 45s. The box set is set to include the classic instrumental album on seven 45s including a bonus 45 with “Signs” from the out-of-print Donuts ‘Fan Club 45’ b/w DOOM & Ghostface’s “Sniper Elite & Murder Goons” — both tracks recorded over Donuts beats back in 2005, though released digitally in 2008. The box set is set to ship Janaury 7, 2013. Order it at Stones Throw right now.

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  • smh

    Good Grief…can this man be DEAD already???

  • $$$

    Love Dilla and all, but it’s messed up to keep doing re-releases, remixes, and unreleased shit with rappers he would have probably never fucked with because Jay Dee die-hards would buy anything with his name attached to it. Shady.

  • Agree with $$$, but maybe the cheddar from this is going to his kids.
    I hope so…

  • david

    Stonesthrow need to focus less on this and more on that Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton DVD

  • Dj ILL One

    Dounuts was released the way it`s suposed to be as a whole project,not 45`s and serato vinlys. Leave it alone Stones Throw.

  • Skylar

    Tired of it, Stones Throw. What the fuck happened to you guys?

  • Vic

    $$$ says, “remixes and unreleased shit with rappers he would have probably never fucked with” — there’s no remixes here. This is DONUTS. And the only two vocal tracks are DOOM and motherfucking GHOSTFACE. He wouldnt have worked with those guys? Well, he did work with them, because those tracks were made in 2005 when he was living.

  • Correction, I slept with Katie too….

    Think he was referring to that Rebirth’ album, which was atrocious!