Kendrick Lamar Covers The Source

blame it on Meka November 26, 2012

With Titty Two Necklaces as the magazine’s “Man Of The Year” (I think that video game he has with adidas put him over the top) K. Dot came in as their 2012 Rookie Of The Year. Head down bottom for his cover.

  • J.West

    Well Deserved

  • thinker

    dude i suck at that 2chainz game

  • Obviousi

    well deserved crown too? what exactly has he accomplished to wear that thing. If anything, Game should replace this cover/idea with his album out on the 11th.
    But whatever’s trendyyy..

  • Head Shake

    ‘Rookie’?!?! What the fuck’s The Source magazine editors smokin?!?!…


  • well deserved!

  • Wye

    this nigga really feeling himself like he already on jay or nas level. foh.

    you’re album is NOT our illmatic.